Aion Classic celebrates its first birthday in Europe this week with boosts and freebies


It might be cheating to count anniversaries for different versions of an MMORPG, but are you really going to complain if it means more reasons to party? Didn’t think so, and neither did Gameforge, which is kicking off a celebration for Aion Classic Europe’s first anniversary this week.[AL:AION]

“Today, Gameforge is delighted to officially announce AION Classic Europe’s upcoming first Anniversary celebration, featuring an array of in-game events and exclusive rewards for players,” the studio says. “Beginning on April 24 and ending on May 22, this month-long extravaganza invites adventurers to partake in an event filled with gifts, excitement, and rewards.”

Those rewards include everything from boosted experience to crowns and serums, plus Sanctum and Pandaemonium have been decorated for the party. There are some freebies for new players too:

“Additionally, from now until May 8, those joining the ever-growing community during the 1st-anniversary celebrations will be able to claim a free reward as a welcome gift. This special package rewards new players with a host of valuable items, including a coveted seven-day Siel Energy subscription, a character costume, and other useful items for those just starting out. Join now and embark on an epic journey through Atreia with a head start courtesy of the newcomer bundle!”

Source: Press release
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