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New Zealand studio responsible for Path of Exile

Prepare to complete the preparation for completion!

Path of Exile announces a stream to announce the release date for Siege of the Atlas

So if you've been following Path of Exile closely, you know that the game's next expansion is coming out in February at some point....

Path of Exile says Scourge won’t become an evergreen mechanic following the end of the league

With the next major update for Path of Exile slated for early February and the end of the Scourge league in sight, a simple question...

The MOP Up: Warframe gets ready for its ‘best year yet’

High on its recent New War update, Warframe's year-end letter promised so much more coming in 2022. "We dedicated our Update 31: The New War...

Path of Exile’s next expansion is eyeballing a February release window

Grinding Gear Games is looking ahead to the immediate future of Path of Exile, which means it's time to look ahead to the multiplayer...

Steam’s annual best-sellers and most played roundup features several MMOs, MMORPGs, and multiplayer titles

As the new year inches closer to our proverbial doorstep, the gaming world takes a moment to look back at past events (ourselves included)....

The MOP Up: Fantasy Life Online returns to mobile

After being shut down in Japan, Fantasy Life Online is getting a second shot at redemption via a global rollout. The adorable pastel-colored online...

Path of Exile boss tells NFTs to ‘f*ck off’ as the Endless Heist event gets underway

Given the number of games and games companies investigating or outright applying NFTs, crypto, and blockchain schemes seeming to grow by the minute, many...

Path of Exile posts a full schedule of December events including details of new events

Remember back in November when Path of Exile announced a tentative lineup of events running over the course of December? While that announcement had...

Path of Exile is removing Prophecy content from the game in January 2022

There's a lot of content in Path of Exile, and generally speaking that means over time the amount of stuff in the game increases rather...

The Stream Team: The siren call of corrupting gear in Path of Exile’s Scourge

Massively OP's MJ may not be the fondest of the timed mini berserker battle mechanic in various Path of Exile leagues, but she does...

Path of Exile offers up a calendar of events coming through the month of December

Just because Path of Exile put out its last league of the year doesn't mean that there won't be things to do in the...

Path of Exile’s next patch focuses on lots of bug crushing and a few minor improvements

Sometimes you just have to put out a patch that destroys bugs. Call it a roach bomb patch. That's the kind of update that...

New Zealand’s Grinding Gear Games ramps up hiring for Path of Exile 2

Grinding Gear Games took the wraps off Path of Exile 2 earlier this year, when it admitted that the game has been taking longer...

The Stream Team: Scouring for Scourge in Path of Exile

Massively OP's MJ hasn't had the chance to check out Path of Exile's new league yet, so today she's going to dive in and...

Path of Exile continues to patch in Scourge improvements and shows off monstrous concept art

Path of Exile is just full of patches to the recently released Scourge league, and the game's latest posts have patching on the brain....

Path of Exile’s Scourge launch sees concurrency numbers near its all-time highest point

When Path of Exile's Scourge expansion went live this past Friday, we noted how the previous expansion didn't exactly light fans on fire and...

Path of Exile’s Scourge expansion is officially launching this afternoon

If we're being honest, Path of Exile's last expansion, Expedition, did not go well: It was widely perceived as a killjoy expansion and saw...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 343: Mysterious and spoopy

Justin and Bree discuss Halloween MMOs, Path of Exile, Star Trek Online, Book of Travels' early access, DDO's freebies, LOTRO's latest patch, and the FFXIV Endwalker media tour, with adventures in Elder Scrolls Online, LOTRO, New World, and Book of Travels, plus a mailbag question on orbital video game enjoyment.

Path of Exile’s Scourge revamps skill tree, adds passive masteries and guild hideouts

While Path of Exile's new Scourge league is fitting for Halloween, the expansion also brings some goodies and changes that will last beyond the...

Path of Exile’s spooky Scourge league offers tricks and treats starting October 22

Path of Exile's new leagues and updates come like clockwork every three months, just like seasons of the year. But it isn't often that...