Path of Exile has cracked open the doors to its Necropolis expansion


Considering how dark and brooding Path of Exile is, you have to imagine that the developers had to come up with a shade blacker than black to help deck out an underworld catacombs set in this universe.

But hey, you can find out for yourself! Path of Exile: Necropolis went live last night with a whole lot of content that’ll make you say, “Path of Exile 2 what now?”

As MOP’s MJ previewed in detail, the expansion kicks off the Necropolis Challenge League, makes a bunch of changes to the endgame format, adds the highly challenging tier 17 maps, branches out into additional Atlas passive skill trees, and lets you examine wandering spirits with a special magical lantern. Oh, and you’ll be doing some undertaking yourself: “Take the corpses of haunted monsters to the Necropolis, bury them in one of the many graves in the cemetery and exorcise them to forge items from their souls.”

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