Atlas successfully wiped ahead of season 9, with ‘industrial wonder’ content now live

So last week, we were supposed to get Atlas' season 9 release along with the HYPE WIPE. OK, nobody called it that but us,...

Atlas’s season 9 launches with a wipe tonight [Update: Delayed to May 25]

It's felt as if Studio Wildcard and Grapeshot Games have been touting Atlas' impending wipe for a while now, but as of this evening,...

Choose My Adventure: Some classic mission running in the City of Heroes Rebirth rogue server

So yes, it would appear that missions are indeed the most rewarding thing to do in City of Heroes: Rebirth. That would probably be the...
All is fine!

Betawatch: Wrath of the Lich King Classic’s beta approaches this summer

Picture this: The World of Warcraft team is crouched together in a dark room. Somewhere in the distance, you hear wolves howling. There is...

Atlas continues to spin up its ‘wipe hype’ with more teasers of its upcoming new season

Atlas is continuing to drum up what it calls "wipe hype" on Twitter as the game inches closer to next week's new season and...

Betawatch: Dysterra enters another beta testing phase

It's time to test Dysterra, don't you know? If you have been eagerly looking forward to a chance to get in on the game's testing,...

Wandering Wraeclast: Path of Exile’s Sentinel update enhances endgame with new passives and mob modifiers

Earlier this afternoon, Grinding Gear Games announced Path of Exile's foray into in-game "pets" (with a twist!) coming with the new Sentinel league that...
I'm on a boat.

Atlas announces a full wipe on May 18, teases its next season, and reaffirms full release later this year

"The winds of change are blowing," heralds the developers of Atlas, and sure enough things will be changing when the game's current season ends...

Gamigo has actually updated the Glyph launcher for RIFT, Trove, and Fractured

Well file this one under things we didn't see coming even a little bit: Gamigo has actually overhauled Glyph, the original Trion launcher that...

Stick and Rudder: Using No Man’s Sky Outlaws as a way to fill the space sandbox void

Hello Games just keeps on proving itself over and over again. That's been the overall reaction whenever No Man's Sky makes an update from...

Atlas moves into an industrial age with its latest patch

Tar, canvas, rope, oak, gunpowder... and now, power generators and oil derricks. The industrial revolution has arrived to the pirating sandbox of Atlas with...
Didn't see it coming

Path of Exile’s 3.18 expansion gets some initial content details and a release date of May 13

Players of Path of Exile have a date to mark on their calendars: Friday, May 13th. That's when the 3.18 expansion will go live,...
Set sale for design issues.

Atlas discusses improving solo player experiences, community mods, and ‘specialty realms’ in Q&A

While the pirating sandbox of Atlas is still apparently planning an end to early access by this year, there's still lots to do and...

Gamigo has suffered yet another round of layoffs, including some RIFT and Trove staff

We've got more bad news for fans of RIFT and Gamigo's other MMOs: RIFT's community manager, CM Vilya, announced on Discord Friday that she...
horse wings

Atlas adds the new animal-hauling Pegasus ship with its latest patch

Y'all seen the Pegasus? No, not a horse with wings, you silly banana, you. We meant the new Pegasus ship in Atlas, which is custom-tailored...
Beta botch.

Betawatch: Overwatch 2 starts signups for a beta in springtime

Ah, spring! The time when Overwatch 2 turns to beta testing, at long last. Of course, this initial testing is all about PvP, which...

Atlas promises ship diversity, more taming features, PvP adjustments, and end to early access in roadmap video

The piratical sandbox of Atlas has some things for players to look forward to in the new year, including some adjustments to existing features...

Prosperous Universe adds a ‘stylish’ new map and new governance features in the Atlas update

Prosperous Universe, aka the real spreadsheets in space, has kicked out its latest big update and called it Atlas. Why is it called Atlas?...
What... what do we do now.

Path of Exile’s Siege of the Atlas lands on console – here’s what GGG is working on next

With Path of Exile's Siege of the Atlas expansion out - even on console, where it released last night - and apparently doing rather...

Path of Exile hits a record peak concurrency with Siege of the Atlas

While many online games slowly ramp down over time, it seems that Path of Exile keeps coming up with new ways to climb to...