Settlers of Kalguur brings a massive melee overhaul and more to Path of Exile

Given such a major change incoming with Path of Exile's Settlers of Kalguur league, you'd be forgiven for wondering whether the rest of the...

Path of Exile’s Settlers of Kalguur tackles real-time mechanics with city building

The Grinding Gear rooster has crowed, signifying the dawn of a new expansion and league. And what might they be? Welcome to Path of...

Whatever happened to Wildcard’s pirate-themed sandbox MMO Atlas?

It might be by design that we've collectively forgotten about Atlas, the piratical survival sandbox MMO by Wildcard substudio Grapeshot Games that was at...

Path of Exile has cracked open the doors to its Necropolis expansion

Considering how dark and brooding Path of Exile is, you have to imagine that the developers had to come up with a shade blacker...

Lost Skies’ latest dev blog looks at exploding ship parts, island updates, and a utility item in action

We'll start by pointing out that, no, Bossa Studios' developing PvE survivalbox Lost Skies still has no timeline for testing or release. What it...

Wandering Wraeclast: Create your own graveyard with Path of Exile’s new Necropolis league

You've heard all about Path of Exile 2's news during Grinding Gear Games’ big development update livestream last night, so now it's time to...
When the lights go down in the city.

Into the Super-Verse: What kind of legs does City of Heroes have in the longer term?

So it's time to start talking about the future of City of Heroes. To be fair, I'm not talking about it from a financial...

Did you like all that free No Man’s Sky? Have some more: It’s F2P again this weekend

It's wild to me that not everyone owns No Man's Sky already, given how cheap it gets on Steam sale and how much content...

No Man’s Sky is temporarily free-to-play through Monday as Omega launches

If you already own No Man's Sky, then you're in for a treat today as the Omega update has launched for you. But if...

Working As Intended: A guide to City of Heroes Homecoming’s best player-crafted portal bases

A few years ago, I was wandering around in City of Heroes when someone advertised a cool base in chat. All I had to...

Working As Intended: Yes, you can make money as a newbie in City of Heroes

Something I've heard over and over from commenters and even newbies in City of Heroes Homecoming ever since the official license was announced is...

Path of Exile’s Affliction adds new Ascendancies and brings back Ultimatum

Forget about setting clocks back: I set my clock to Path of Exile updates! And it is time for the final quarterly update of...

Whatever happened to the pirate-themed survival sandbox Atlas?

The last time Atlas, the survival sandbox wearing a pirate costume, made any sort of public noise was on Friday, June 30th, when developer...
Forever and ever.

City of Heroes Rebirth rogue server re-engages the Rikti Invasion event starting today

One of my many favorite memories in City of Heroes was playing the first Rikti Invasion in Atlas Park. Watching the war walls disengage...

Jagex-pubbed RuneScape-inspired Melvor Idle releases Atlas of Discovery expansion

Last year, we covered the unexpected rise of Melvor Idle, a solo indie idle game based heavily on RuneScape and ultimately published by Jagex...

Co-op monster hunter Atlas Fallen officially launches

Looking for a brawl with oversized grumpy baddies in the middle of a desert? For those craving the Monster Hunter experience, Deck13's Atlas Fallen...

ExileCon 2023: Path of Exile 2 is now a true sequel with a closed beta June 7, 2024

ExileCon 2023 kicked off this evening as Path of Exile fans have gathered both live in New Zealand and in front of screens all...

Atlas Season season 13 launches June 30 with full wipes for its official servers

Buckle your swashes, batten down the hatches, and drink some questionable mixture of rum and God-knows-what: The early access piratical sandbox Atlas is readying...

The MOP Up: Magic the Gathering Arena jumps the gun on Steam

While we were all led to believe that Magic the Gathering Arena was coming to Steam this fall -- mostly because investors were told...

Path of Exile’s Crucible expansion and league go live this afternoon on PC

It's expansion day for Path of Exile! Crucible is rolling out to PC this afternoon; it includes the new Atlas gateways for endgamers, the...