Did you like all that free No Man’s Sky? Have some more: It’s F2P again this weekend


It’s wild to me that not everyone owns No Man’s Sky already, given how cheap it gets on Steam sale and how much content is packed into the buy-to-play title. But apparently, a ton of people showed up to Hello Games’ free-play weekend last weekend, which it ran in conjunction with the launch of its Omega update – so many, in fact, that Hello Games is doing it again.

“Due to unexpected demand, No Man’s Sky goes free again this weekend!” Hello Games’ Sean Murray tweeted.

Last weekend’s event was Thursday to Monday, so we’d expect the same deal again. Omega itself, of course, is very much oriented for new players (to the point that we’ve seen some mild grumbling from vets), so don’t worry about being thrown in the deep end. The game is currently $29.99 on Steam sale, so it’s pretty clear why Hello Games would push it now. Have fun!

Source: Twitter
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