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Project Gorgon lowers base price, offers new character slot DLC

Sales happen on Steam all of the time, but in the case of the indie sandbox MMORPG darling Project: Gorgon, we're talking a wholesale...

PSA: Skull & Bones will be free-to-play for a week starting on May 30

While much of the focus out of Ubisoft's piratical multiplayer title Skull & Bones has been about May 28th's Season 2 release and all...

PSA: ARK Survival Ascended is free-to-play this weekend on PS5 and Steam

Who wants free digital dinosaurs? Or if you're a digital dinosaur, who wants free digital humans to snack on? Either way, the dino survival...

Cozy MMO Palia handwaves its bizarre beta obfuscation on the grounds that it’s free-to-play

Yesterday, we recapped the ongoing drama with Singularity 6's cozy mini-MMO, Palia. The short version is that the game hit beta last summer and...

PSA: Palia is still in open beta and should be flagged that way on Steam too

If you've been watching our coverage of Palia over the last few articles, you'll know we've had to keep pointing out an inconvenient fact:...

PSA: Grab your free EverQuest mask and EverQuest II baby dragon

EverQuest and EverQuest II fans must remain vigilant during this "Year of Darkpaw" so as to not miss all of the freebies coming their...

PSA: Fractured Online is hosting a free weekend and a sale starting Thursday

If you've been curious to try the sandbox MMORPG Fractured Online but you're nervous about buying an early access game or you're nervous about...

Did you like all that free No Man’s Sky? Have some more: It’s F2P again this weekend

It's wild to me that not everyone owns No Man's Sky already, given how cheap it gets on Steam sale and how much content...

PSA: You can get the Destiny 2 Legacy Collection free on the Epic Games Store right now

With underperforming revenues, staff layoffs, plummeting player counts, and an expansion delay until next summer, Destiny 2 is ending 2023 on a downward trend....

As of tomorrow, World of Warcraft will gate buying WoW Tokens with gold behind a formal purchase history

This Tuesday, November 21st, is going to see a change to the World of Warcraft WoW Token. That's when Blizzard will impose a restriction...

PSA: Pantheon Rise of the Fallen is running a contest for August pre-alpha access

Would you like to win 24 hours in Terminus? That's the prize being offered by Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen in a contest giveaway...
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PSA: Transfer your World of Warcraft Classic characters off the Season of Mastery realms before Friday, July 28

So in case you missed it, the Season of Mastery realms are soon going to be the Season of Deleted. This will not matter...

PSA: Embers Adrift will grant game access to all accounts September 15 ahead of its weekend open beta test

This weekend will see Embers Adrift open itself up to an open beta test - you already are aware of this by now. Of...

Whatever happened to Spellbook’s MMO roguelike The Yellow King?

Last week, MMO Fallout's Connor mentioned adding The Yellow King to his abandonware list, reminding me that I meant to dig into this game...

PSA: Cyberpunk 2077 includes light sequences known to trigger epileptic seizures

We've all seen it in a wide variety of games that have been recently released: the epilepsy warning about how certain sequences of flashing...

PSA: ARK: Survival Evolved is free this weekend (and on sale)

World of Warcraft isn't the only online game that's hoping to lure in players with a free weekend; ARK: Survival Evolved also is running...

PSA: The Division is free for the next week

As the world continues to deal with the ongoing pandemic, there's nothing like jumping into a video game that... deals with a pandemic? OK,...
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PSA: Crowfall is retiring its current pledge packages on December 31

We can assure you with absolute certainty that after the end of this year, Crowfall will still be willing to take your money. But...

PSA: Guardians of Ember and Total War Arena are free-to-play this weekend

Itching for something to do this weekend? How about some freebie games? Wargaming announced that its F2P battler Total War: ARENA will host an open...

PSA: Wurm Online is dirt cheap in the Humble ‘Endless RPG Lands’ Bundle

Sandbox fans, if you've never tried Wurm Online, you're about to get a pretty cheap chance, as Wurm Online - specifically, its Wurm Unlimited...