As of tomorrow, World of Warcraft will gate buying WoW Tokens with gold behind a formal purchase history


This Tuesday, November 21st, is going to see a change to the World of Warcraft WoW Token. That’s when Blizzard will impose a restriction on the purchase of a WoW Token with gold that requires players to have bought and used at least 30 days’ worth of game time with real-world money beforehand.

The restriction will be in place for US and EU players, while those who already own tokens will be able to consume them as normal but it will not count towards this qualification.

The good news is that this imposition will take into account any game time purchased since 2017, so it’s very likely that this will not impact too many active players of the MMORPG. Even so, the announcement apparently caused a bit of a spike in the token’s gold cost, so this is either going to be a seller’s market for a couple of days or a bit of a bump in the road in general.

sources: official forums (1, 2), WoWTokenPrices
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