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Dual Universe’s beta introduces an EVE Plex-like coupon for subscription time

Those who haven't been following Dual Universe for a long time may not realize that it's had a subscription system in its pre-launch state...

Massively Overthinking: How much are you spending on MMOs every month right now?

A while back, MOP's Justin joked that his wife, who loves econ PvP in MMOs, was funding a year of his play on Classic...

World of Warcraft is altering the deal on game time purchases, settling on just 60-day increments

Players who obtain their World of Warcraft game time through Blizzard's shop have fewer options this week, as the studio announced that it has...

Massively Overthinking: Where is the line between buy-to-play, free-to-play, and subscription MMOs?

You might think this Massively Overthinking topic is way too obvious, but I assure you, it's not! Consider this: When the buy-to-play-with-no-sub Guild Wars...
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WoW Classic offers another guide to starting out as the WoW Token rolls out to China’s version

You there! Do you know about starting out new in WoW Classic? Probably yes, if you had an interest in it, but Blizzard has still...
Very mature.

World of Warcraft: Classic’s inevitable goldsellers are using modern chat functions to advertise

Gold selling isn't nearly as much of a thing on modern World of Warcraft like it used to be; the existence of the WoW Token...
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World of Warcraft players are noticing major issues with item scaling and gold inflation

The Heart of Azeroth in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is meant to be a powerful relic containing the very essence of the...

World of Warcraft tokens reach record prices thanks to Destiny 2

Remember back in World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor, when a shave and a haircut cost you a nickel and a WoW token was...

World of Warcraft gold tops the Venezuelan bolivar, Nexon breaks onto Nikkei 300 index

By now most of the world is aware of the massive political and economic crisis that's happening in Venezuela, with rampant inflation destroying the...
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What’s it like when you stop being a gold farmer in World of Warcraft?

For a very long time, selling gold in World of Warcraft was a path to making money. It was unethical and against the terms...

WoW Token value soars on Destiny 2 Battlenet news

WoW Token prices have soared following yesterday's surprise announcement that Destiny 2 will be published on Blizzard's Battlenet app (yes, that's what Blizzard called...
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Blizzard is raising prices for World of Warcraft and Hearthstone players in the EU

If you're playing World of Warcraft or Hearthstone overseas, know that a partial fee hike is in your future. While subs to WoW and the...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 104: WoW Token resistance

Justin and Bree discuss Elder Scrolls Online, LOTRO, WoW tokens, Ashes of Creation, Guild Wars 2, and Revelation Online, plus financials on Blizzard, NCsoft, Nexon, Square, and Funcom, with a mailbag question on playing what you love vs. going with the crowd.

WoW Tokens explode in price thanks to Blizzard’s announcement

Yesterday's announcement that WoW Tokens can now be used to exchange for Blizzard store currency has caused a major upheaval in the market price for...

WoW tokens are now redeemable for Battlenet cash

Blizzard is tweaking World of Warcraft's WoW Token currency in a big way. "Today, the goblins of Bilgewater Cartel are introducing a new way to...

How MMO economies have gotten smarter about fighting hyperinflation

If you're anything like me, you don't spend a great deal of time thinking about the large picture of MMO economies. It's mostly just...

RuneScape offers new subscription packages with ‘Premier Club’

The folks at Guinness World Records may have once counted RuneScape as the world's most popular free MMORPG, but it's had an optional subscription,...
It was a different time.

World of Warcraft datamining points to new WoW Token use in patch 7.1.5

Do you remember BlizzCon 2016? It was just a couple of weeks ago, surely you do. One of the topics on discussion was letting...
Was this the longest?

The Daily Grind: Would you play Blizzard’s idea of a ‘pristine’ WoW server?

Yesterday's big news in the ongoing Nostalrius saga was a message from Blizzard's J. Allen Brack, who suggested to players that in lieu of...

World of Warcraft is really, really big

One thing we grizzled World of Warcraft veterans tend to fondly remember are the naked gnome races that showed us just how big --...