World of Warcraft players are noticing major issues with item scaling and gold inflation

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The Heart of Azeroth in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is meant to be a powerful relic containing the very essence of the world. But you’re better off tossing it in the bank and never using it, apparently. Due to the way item scaling works in the game, players have noticed that unequipping the Heart of Azeroth and a few other items like trinkets, then stashing them in the bank, lowers your item level significantly without actually lowering your DPS substantially. Which means that enemies scale down and become weaker while you hit just as hard.

You would think that “the best use for this artifact is to never use it” would be enough major issues for one expansion, but it seems like the implications of open-world scaling alone weren’t the only things not thought through. The expansion launch has seen WoW Token prices plummet, meaning lots of people are buying gold right now… and that gold is going to lead to an unpleasant inflation circle which was avoided scrupulously through the last expansion. So it appears the real battle for Azeroth is fought not in battlefields, but in auction houses and with a lack of equipment.

Source: Reddit, Polygon; thanks to Microwatt for the tip!
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