The Daily Grind: Who told the biggest gaming fib of 2023?

Seriously, though, whatever.

Did you know I keep a list of quotes and fibs? Well, you probably did, since we already did our annual piece on the quotes of the year, and I always have a big list. But the biggest fibs of the year came from no less than Blizzard, specifically for WoW Classic: First, while adding the WoW Token (i.e., codified RMT) to WoW Classic, it insisted that it was for the WoW Classic community’s own good. And second, after months of insisting that the dungeon finder would ruin the Wrath Classic experience in spite of being a major component of the Wrath Classic experience, the studio just spun on its heel and chucked the system into the game. It’s… it’s almost like #nochanges and #somechanges were always completely and utterly arbitrary and cynically based on whatever would drive revenue rather than the health or spirit of the game!

I had a few others, like Camelot Unchained devs claiming it’s ahead of schedule, the Overwatch 2 team admitting it knew it wouldn’t launch the PvE it promised even before launch, and Tarisland’s bizarre pretense that it’s not a WoW clone. Hooboy, it was a year.

In your opinion, who told the biggest gaming fib of 2023?

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