Goodbye to all the reasons we can’t have nice things in MMOs, 2023 edition


Become an MMO blogger, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. What they forgot to mention is that covering this genre means as many ups as downs, especially where the industry is concerned, and so we dutifully round up all the bad stories under our This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things tag. And this year, we saw endless layoffs, blockchain gibberish, more layoffs, monetization shenanigans, and still more layoffs. And no, it was not fun.

Although we did get rid of Bobby Kotick. So there’s something.

As we do every year, we’ve gathered up all the articles that remind us we’re in the bad place, right here in our final post of 2023, and lowering them down into the pit of freakin’ flame until they are positively roasted. Take a last glance at the worst things that happened in our corner of the genre this year – and then discard them in the past where they belong. And don’t worry – we’ve got warm fuzzies tomorrow morning when the ashes are cold.

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