Tree of Savior gets a new Pontifex class… and stuffs its unlock into a lootbox


Tree of Savior is most definitely not hurting for classes as a quick look on its site can attest, but as of this week’s newest update, there’s one more class added to the impressive pile in the form of the Pontifex. But as the headline points out, there is a mighty catch to this: The class can be earned only from a specific lootbox.

As the class’ name might suggest, the Pontifex is part of the Cleric family of classes, which unleashes divine judgment on foes, provides health to allies, and uses its Sin and Pardon mechanics to increase its damage output. Balancing these resources is crucial to playing the class, however, as tilting too far in either direction will make abilities consume more CP.

Getting access to the Pontifex will require a special class unlock voucher, which can be found by opening a Leticia’s Secret Cube lockbox that will be available until December 19th. On top of that, the reward cube has to be S-rank, and as the probability chart shows, the odds are pretty low unless players open up hundreds of cubes; to that point, IMCGames confirmed last week that players can select a wanted S-rank item like the Pontifex unlock voucher after 200 lockbox openings.

As one might expect, the news has not been met with much fanfare from the few players who are still in TOS right now, but we can all at least see the class doing holy flame things in the video below.

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