Diablo Immortal’s Splintered Souls update promises new maps, quests, and familiars


Oh hey, remember Diablo Immortal? Blizzard definitely hasn’t forgotten all about its last extant project with NetEase, and in fact, its next big patch is coming December 14th so you’ll have something to tinker with on your phone during the dullest holiday gatherings. The update, the game’s sixth major one since its controversial launch last year, is dubbed Splintered Souls.

“Our next major update sends wanderers to traverse the Southern Dreadlands, a cold, apocalyptic plain near the Frozen Tundra and sacred Mount Arreat,” Blizzard says. “Here, the effects of the Worldstone’s destruction on the land and its inhabitants are impossible to ignore—and they grow worse by the day. Ruinous storms of Worldstone splinters sweep through the area. Twisted Shardborne and creation-warped beasts stalk the wilderness, and not even the walls of Staalbreak city are sturdy enough to keep the people of the north safe.”

“The zone’s main quest will take you to the growing encampment of the Gray Wards, into the interior of Staalbreak, and to the bottom of teeming ravines formed by the destruction of Mount Arreat. In addition to battling new monster families and minibosses, you’ll be able to participate in Sentinel’s Stand, a new tower defense-styled zone event where positioning and placement mean everything to your success. Take heart—the angelic Sword of Justice waits for those brave enough to seek it in the Gully of Madness.”

The dev blog is massive and includes a rundown of the familiar system, new Helliquary bosses, new inferno difficulties, and the Rise of Cleansing daily. More information is apparently en route before patch day next week.

Source: Official site, press release
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