EverQuest players are raising the alarm over an economy-crushing dupe exploit


The EverQuest community is up in arms over what’s being perceived as a meager response to a major problem that has reportedly crashed much of the economies in the MMORPG’s progression servers.

An update released last week apparently also introduced an exploit that let players duplicate platinum through a tradeskill depot bug, and while Daybreak’s Darkpaw Games put out a hotfix to address the issue, many players are saying it’s not going far enough, as the duping effects have reportedly already ruined in-game economies, especially on TLP servers, where plat value has been completely evaporated and the cost for game time-granting krono consumables skyrocketed, effectively leaving those who tried to sell krono before the dupe twisting in the volatile econ winds. Our own tipster argued that many servers are now “flooded” with duped mats and plat.

Further exacerbating the matter is a lack of direct developer response on the MMORPG’s official channels, which is still the case at the time of this article’s writing (granted, it’s a holiday weekend right now). Meanwhile, players on the game’s TLP server forums are full of solution suggestions, calls to fix the matter more directly, and arguments about whether this dupe really matters.

source: official forums (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8), Reddit, cheers Rusty!
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