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Classic EverQuest plans new progression server and 30th expansion launch in 2023

If EverQuest II's 2023 roadmap wasn't your cup of fizzle pop, then perhaps the classic EverQuest is, and Daybreak's dropped a roadmap for your...

Vague Patch Notes: Embracing limited-time content modes in MMOs

Today's column was inspired by a discussion in work chat about limited-time game modes - specifically, the idea of something like that in World...

Lord of the Rings Online’s Shadowfax server advances into Vales of Anduin

One of Lord of the Rings Online's smallest servers took another step toward rounding out the game map this week. On Wednesday, Standing Stone...

LOTRO Legendarium: A look back at Lord of the Rings Online in 2022

Holy cow, are we already wrapping up another year of Lord of the Rings Online? I've been writing this column since 2010, and I...

Vague Patch Notes: Defining classic servers and progression servers for MMOs

Something that I've been thinking about a lot over the past few days - for no particular reason - is the idea of classic...

Lord of the Rings Online’s Harvestmath has officially arrived for spooky season

One of the very best Halloween festivals in the MMO genre is live now, as Harvestmath has launched for Lord of the Rings Online...

Lord of the Rings Online shuts down its Anor server today, but characters are retrievable through Dec 31

It's the end of an era for Lord of the Rings Online, as the game's original progression server comes to the end of its...

Lord of the Rings Online opens free Anor transfers and packs its bags for Devcom

Lord of the Rings Online's first progression server is winding down toward its closure at the end of the month. As part of this...

EverQuest completes server merge, plans beta for 29th expansion in October

Hot on the heels of EverQuest II's producer letter, Darkpaw Head of Studio Jenn Chan is back with one for EverQuest II's elder sibling....

World of Warcraft: Classic brings Naxxramas to Season of Mastery on July 28

If you have a deep and long-standing love of invading Kel'thuzad's crash pad in World of Warcraft, you're probably going to be among those...

LOTRO Legendarium: Evaluating Lord of the Rings Online’s legendary servers, four years later

When Lord of the Rings Online released its first -- and, quickly thereafter, its second -- legendary server back in 2018, it was one...

LOTRO pushes Shadowfax and Treebeard forward, defends expanding class and race combos

With Anor closing in August, Ithil already closed, and no new legendary worlds planned for the near future, the options for a progression server...

LOTRO Legendarium: Embracing Lord of the Rings Online’s new class/race combos

Lord of the Rings Online's July through September edition of the Producer's Letter appeared this week, hauling along with it some disappointment, some intrigue,...

Lord of the Rings Online previews summer content and race/class combos, will sunset Anor server in August

Lord of the Rings Online's latest producer letter dropped this afternoon with the outlook for the July to September quarter - and it's packed...

EverQuest II starts its Summer Jubilee with Tinkerfest’s return, EverQuest brings back Hardcore Heritage

Generally speaking, the elder statesmen of our genre are some of the more "hardcore" titles by mere dint of their age and some creaky...

Classic EverQuest launches speed-unlock and ‘true-box’ progression servers

EverQuest II isn't the only EverQuest getting a progression server this week - in fact, its elder sibling EverQuest is getting two, and both...

EverQuest II opens its new Varsoon progression server

If the slate of advertisements on this very site wasn't a clue already, know that a new progression server for EverQuest II known as...

The Daily Grind: What’s the best format for an MMO headstart?

In his retrospective on Lord of the Rings Online's 15th anniversary, MOP's Justin penned a paragraph about a part of the launch of the...

EverQuest II’s newest progression server, Varsoon, opens its doors May 24

Last month, Daybreak revealed that EverQuest II was destined to launch a new time-locked expansion server in May. It hit beta last week, and...

EverQuest prepares to merge older progression servers in June

Two of EverQuest's progression servers are almost to the end their run, and as a result, they are ready to be absorbed into the...