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Classic EverQuest launches speed-unlock and ‘true-box’ progression servers

EverQuest II isn't the only EverQuest getting a progression server this week - in fact, its elder sibling EverQuest is getting two, and both...

EverQuest II opens its new Varsoon progression server

If the slate of advertisements on this very site wasn't a clue already, know that a new progression server for EverQuest II known as...

The Daily Grind: What’s the best format for an MMO headstart?

In his retrospective on Lord of the Rings Online's 15th anniversary, MOP's Justin penned a paragraph about a part of the launch of the...

EverQuest II’s newest progression server, Varsoon, opens its doors May 24

Last month, Daybreak revealed that EverQuest II was destined to launch a new time-locked expansion server in May. It hit beta last week, and...

EverQuest prepares to merge older progression servers in June

Two of EverQuest's progression servers are almost to the end their run, and as a result, they are ready to be absorbed into the...

Lord of the Rings Online kicks off its second legendary item season with donkeys and dances

After a rather lengthy maiden run, the first season of Lord of the Rings Online's legendary item reward track came to an end yesterday,...

Aion Classic gets its 2.0 update with new zones, new instances, and a level cap increase on May 25

The next major step forward for the Aion Classic progression server is on the horizon. In fact, the devs are going so far as...
Blue-green complement!

Massively Overthinking: The WoW Dragonflight and Wrath Classic roundtable

So this week's Massively Overthinking is going to cautiously stick a paw into the beehive of World of Warcraft, thanks to the reveal of...

Lord of the Rings Online promotes its Anor server to Minas Morgul status

Lord of the Rings Online's first progression (or "legendary") server is catching up to the regular servers, slowly but surely. In fact, today the...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 368: Morrowind and the Mirror Universe

Justin and Bree discuss Star Trek Online, movement in EverQuest and EverQuest II, RuneScape's subscription hike, Elder Scrolls Online's freebie Morrowind, and Ukraine's impact in Overwatch and Wargaming MMOs, with adventures in LOTRO, DDO, and TTRPG Hero Kids, plus a mailbag topic of virtual reality MMOs.

EverQuest reveals details of two upcoming progression servers and shard merges

EverQuest fans are blessed to have Jenn Chan in their corner with all of the passion and expertise she's bringing to the table as...

Lord of the Rings Online gets ready for its 15th anniversary and Anor server advancement

Perhaps some of the strangest patches are those that lay the groundwork for content to come. So it is with this week's Lord of...

EverQuest II’s level-agnostic progression server, Kael Drakkel, is open for play

EverQuest II's latest "lore and legend" progression server, Kael Drakkel, is live as of this week for subbers. First announced a month ago, the...

The Daily Grind: Does Guild Wars 2 need a classic or progression server?

A few weeks back, we had MOP's Colin on the MOP Podcast, and naturally we took the opportunity to talk about Guild Wars 2....

Classic EverQuest’s 2022 roadmap includes an expansion, community council, and new progression servers

It might be hard to believe, but Classic EverQuest is still among Daybreak's biggest games, and it's turning 23 years old in just a...

Lord of the Rings Online’s Shadowfax and Treebeard servers progress forward

"Say friend and enter!" It's a big expansion day for two of Lord of the Rings Online's progression servers. Speedy server Shadowfax is jumping into...

LOTRO Legendarium: A look back at Lord of the Rings Online in 2021

It's that time of year again! As we get ready to make the psychological transition to a new year, we pause to look back...

Lord of the Rings Online teases February’s update 32, with new raid, housing, and zone

Standing Stone Games has a fresh producer's letter up for Lord of the Rings Online fans, already peeking ahead into the new year. SSG's...

Lord of the Rings Online preps new Erebor underground premium houses

Denizens of Lord of the Rings Online's Middle-earth may want to put up a "for sale" sign in front of their current abode, as...

Lord of the Rings Online releases new instance, Anor unlock this week

Even though Lord of the Rings Online's Tuesday update is slipping to Wednesday thanks to a bug that SSG is hammering out in the...