Guild Wars 2 teases End of Dragons’ Echovald Wilds biome

One of the best-loved locations in Classic Guild Wars¬†was Echovald Forest, the overgrown, gothic home of the Kurzick faction. Just based on concept art alone, we already knew a version of Echovald was coming to Guild Wars 2’s Cantha-centered End of Dragons expansion, but as of today, we know a whole lot more, as Arenanet has dropped a teaser for the Echovald Wilds, “the largest forest of Cantha.” And it’s not exactly the same as the version you remember…

“Once petrified and lifeless, the Echovald Wilds is now a land of growth and decay where danger and chaos reign. Players will experience new opportunities to discover what is hidden within this mysterious destination. Echovald Forest is a popular destination from the original Guild Wars with a dark history, and the team is excited for players to dive back into a familiar but ultimately changed landscape with plenty to uncover.”

There’s a video to get all tangled up in down below; the studio is promising even more information at its Friday afternoon stream.

Source: Press release
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