Lord of the Rings Online launches its eighth expansion, Fate of Gundabad


Who’s ready to get funky with Dwarves underground and Brawlers over the landscape? Lord of the Rings Online players, that’s who. Today marks the launch of Fate of Gundabad, an expansion that’s been long in coming for the MMORPG.

“Battle as the new Brawler class, take on new foes, forge new Legendary Weapons, and stand at last against Gorgar the Ruthless and Hrímil Frost-heart in a final, decisive battle,” SSG said. “Achieve victory and Gundabad will belong to the dwarves once again, and forever!”

While parts of the expansion — such as the Brawler class and legendary item revamp — came out last month, other parts — such as the LI reward track and certain instances — will be released at a later date.

In the meantime, players that fork over at least $40 for the base edition will get to roam through five new zones, level to 140, use up to 98 trait points, pledge allegiance to the Zhélruka Clan, and encounter the latest chapter in the epic story.

Release notes are up.

Launch trailer has arrived too.

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