EverQuest II’s Anashti Sul progression server is live with its 2006 throwback vibes


As promised and foretold, EverQuest II has a new toy as of last night, as its new progression server – the Origins server dubbed Anashti Sul – officially went live.

Daybreak reminds players that the server begins with the Shattered Lands sans any expansions or minipacks, roughly an early 2006 timeframe for things like class abilities, racial traits, tradeskills (no subcombines), the limited market, hard zone lockouts, and Freeport/Qeynos (with their ‘hoods). There’s also no Krono currency in play at all. Mounts are less fun (“no flying, no leaping, no slithering, no floating, and no stat bonuses”), and of course you’ll need to sub to the game to secure access, but overall this is the closest thing to a classic server as the 2004 MMORPG has ever seen. If that’s what you wanted, this is your moment.

Players on the official forums have already put together guides to help new and returning players, but we have an important addition: Play a frog or a ratonga. Why even play EverQuest II if you’re not playing a unique race? Sorry, I don’t make the rules. Frogloks forever.

Source: Patch notes
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