Classic EverQuest announces two new time-locked progression servers, Teek and Tormax, launching May 22

Plus, Daybreak is hiring


It’d be tempting to assume that EverQuest’s producer’s letter would just mirror EverQuest II’s earlier this week, as Darkpaw head of studio Jenn Chan recaps PAX and Fippyfest sales just the same. But there are a few bits that are different, starting with the fact that Chan says the classic EverQuest team is hiring.

“If you fancy yourself a tinkerer (engineer) or a storyteller (designer), look at our openings,” Chan writes. “If you have ever wanted to help create the EverQuest experience that you love so much, there has never been a better opportunity to become a member of the EverQuest game team than right now.”

Even more exciting, she has announced new time-locked progression servers for the classic game – two of them, in fact.

“[O]ur new TLP servers are Tormax, a Traditional Time-Locked Progression server and Teek, a Random Loot Free-Trade Time-Locked Progression Server. Both will have Relaxed True-Box, starting with the traditional True-Box rules and relaxing the True-Box rules further over time. Both servers will start with the Ruins of Kunark unlocked with expansion unlocks then happening at a standard cadence. Both will launch on Wednesday, May 22, 2024!”

A name reservation system launching April 24th will allow longtime players (with 200+ days of playtime) to reserve their character names on the new TLE servers.

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