Pax Dei devs talk communication, transparency, updates, and… horses?

Mainframe Industries has released a long post on both social media and Discord explaining to Pax Dei fans just what's going on with the...

Choose My Adventure: The Elite Dangerous vs Pax Dei rematch

Nine times out of ten, I generally follow the Will of the Polls here in MOP's Choose My Adventure column without too much question...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 474: Taking Tarisland to task

Justin and Bree discuss Tarisland's launch, Pax Dei's early access, Throne and Liberty's launch plans, LOTRO's new legendary servers, Raph Koster's mystery MMORPG, and Black Desert's Heidel Ball, with a mailbag topic on goofy cross-promos in MMORPGs.

Sandbox MMO Pax Dei has officially entered early access for at least the next year

If you're a Pax Dei founder pack owner, you're about to have a fun Tuesday, as Mainframe Industries has officially launched the survival-tinged sandbox...

Pax Dei releases new in-engine trailer, talks about its business model and housing plots

Last night, Mainframe Industries dropped another new trailer for MMORPG sandbox Pax Dei, showcasing its gorgeous characters and world - admittedly, in all their...

Sandbox MMORPG Pax Dei opens preorders for its newly announced June 18 early access

Is it too soon for Pax Dei to be hitting early access? We're about to find out, as Mainframe Industries announced this morning that...

Pax Dei digests lessons learned from alpha two and shares plans for future adjustments

Alpha testing is intended to give developers information, feedback, and data on what works and what doesn't, and so it was for Pax Dei,...

Pax Dei’s alpha two infographic shares data about playtime, activities, and deaths by badger

Were you keen to learn what players were doing within the second alpha test of survival MMO Pax Dei? Maybe you want to know...

Fight or Kite: Pax Dei’s alpha is equal parts survival gameplay and grind-fueled crafting

In my experience, I’ve found "survival game" and "grindfest" are synonymous with each other in all but the rarest of cases. There just seems...

The MOP Up: FFXIV recaps its PAX East appearance

In case you missed it in person, you can catch up with all of Final Fantasy XIV's PAX East 2024 developments in a recap...

Pax Dei’s upcoming 100K-player alpha announces server info to help groups and guilds plan

The days are counting down to Pax Dei's second alpha test, officially dubbed the "Wilderness Alpha" and scheduled to kick off this April 23rd....

Classic EverQuest announces two new time-locked progression servers, Teek and Tormax, launching May 22

It'd be tempting to assume that EverQuest's producer's letter would just mirror EverQuest II's earlier this week, as Darkpaw head of studio Jenn Chan...

EverQuest II announces a new 2006-era progression server called Origins, hitting beta in May

The latest EverQuest II producer's letter has arrived, and while the majority of it is recap of things you already knew about - like...

LOTRO and DDO are still offline after 24 hours, so you might as well watch DDO’s PAX East panel

If you tried logging into Lord of the Rings Online or Dungeons and Dragons Online since yesterday morning, you're in for a bit of...

Lord of the Rings Online explains the confines of its creative freedom

Fresh off an appearance to fans at PAX East, Standing Stone Games is a little bleary but game for what's coming next to Lord...

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail release dates, event dates, and philosophy

Well let me be the first to say that I can most definitely live with this particular set of revelations from PAX East, so...

Soulframe talks expanding testing access and shows off new gameplay footage at PAX East

Digital Extremes' second game Soulframe is currently in what it's calling "pre-pre-pre-pre-alpha," which suggests that its pool of testers is pretty small. That notion...

Warframe debuts new previews for its Dante Unbound, Warframe 1999, and Jade Shadows updates

The devstream from Warframe at this year's PAX East had a lot to show off to fans. That's generally nothing new if you consider...
Complete with strong eye contact

Final Fantasy XIV’s Dawntrail expansion is launching on July 2 following June 28 early access

Final Fantasy XIV has announced the launch date for the game's next expansion, Dawntrail, after it was actually avoided during this year's fan festival...

NCsoft’s Throne & Liberty has been out in Korea for 100+ days, with still no news on the global launch

Yesterday's Battle Crush announcement from NCsoft reminded me that we still don't have any fresh news on the state of Throne and Liberty's western...