Pax Dei releases new in-engine trailer, talks about its business model and housing plots


Last night, Mainframe Industries dropped another new trailer for MMORPG sandbox Pax Dei, showcasing its gorgeous characters and world – admittedly, in all their pop-in glory. There’s no narration, so I get to make up my own story: Emily Blunt and Man Bun, her companion, jog through the woods, eat some apples, and decide to deforest the area and build a house. Then they camp outside the house for some reason when their two friends from college show up and scare them half to death. The next day, they decide to murder some local wildlife and make some cool armor. As they progress, their party gets bigger, gets better-equipped, takes on scarier enemies, and builds a massive city, putting Emily’s architecture degree to good use. I might have taken a few liberties here. Give it up for Emily and Man Bun, everyone.

As we’ve been covering, the game hits early access next week on June 18th, with preorders already underway, but the studio has been busy on Discord explaining its business model ideas to players. That’s right, the business model is not actually locked in yet. But right now, Mainframe thinks it’ll eventually run a subscription in addition to the box price, scaling “depending on the number of plots a player wants to maintain in-game.” However, the team says the game is meant to be fully playable with just one plot, and it’s probably wiser for players to put their plots together with friends. And yes, there will be a full wipe before the full launch.

The adventures of Emily and Man Bun are below.

Source: YouTube
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