Pax Dei’s alpha two infographic shares data about playtime, activities, and deaths by badger


Were you keen to learn what players were doing within the second alpha test of survival MMO Pax Dei? Maybe you want to know how many trees they were felling, or how many enemies they killed. Or perhaps you wanted to know how many were killed by badgers. All of that data — yes, seriously — was shared by Mainframe Industries in a handy-dandy infographic that outlined what gamers did in their average eight hours of play time.

Players were busy little crafting bees overall, as they felled over 9M trees, ate over 2.7M consumables, and crammed things into over 500K storage chests. There was plenty of murder happening as well, with many boars, deer, and bunnies slaughtered by players, along with lots of foes that made up the two enemy types.

As for player deaths, that’s were things get interesting: Players mostly fell to their deaths, many others drowned, and wildlife racked up some big kill counts, with boars being the top of the heap. Honorable mention was further given to the badgers, which managed to rack up 848 player kills to the devs’ disbelief.

Obviously this whole thing is just data for funsies, so if you’d prefer to have a more critical look from within the test, be sure to check out the impressions piece from our own Sam. Otherwise, numerical fun is had in the image below.

source: Discord, thanks to Squid for the tip!
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