Elder Scrolls Online discusses Gold Road’s Tales of Tribute update and Brazil community gathering


Last week, MOP’s Justin alluded to Elder Scrolls Online’s Tales of Tribute as one of the game’s many systems features that were added and then, importantly, expanded in subsequent chapters rather than discarded. That praise has proven itself justified anew this week as ZeniMax Online Studios has dropped a dev blog discussing the addition of the new Patron, Saint Alessia, to TOT. The Tales of Tribute in-game card game was added two years ago with the High Isle expanshachapter. This time around, players will have to fully explore Gold Road’s new West Weald map to unlock the new deck.

“With Alessia, players should look forward to piloting a deck composed almost entirely of agents with Choice abilities,” ZOS’ John Carlson says. “This should result in a strategic play experience with lots of incremental advantages.”

“Saint Alessia introduces the first-of-their-kind agent cards with Choice abilities to the game. Each turn an agent remains in play, you may pick from one of two different abilities. To ensure that Alessia’s opponents aren’t completely overwhelmed against an onslaught of agents, we’ve also included a new ability titled ‘Knock Out All’ which, as its name implies, KOs all agents currently in play. Be warned: this will also include your own!”

In other Elder Scrolls Online news, ZOS is continuing its global celebration of the game’s 10th anniversary with its May destination: São Paulo, Brazil. Registration is already live for the May 27th event at the Taverna Medieval.

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