Tencent’s not-a-WoW-clone Tarisland snagged a former World of Warcraft composer for its score

It's not every day that a new MMORPG even talks about its composer or score, let alone sends 'round a press release talking up...
It's all the money we don't have!

Layoffs hit Blizzard’s Hearthstone team as Chris Metzen upgrades to new World of Warcraft exec title

Tuesday marked another dark day for the teams at Blizzard once again, with news coming out that the studio is being hit with more...

Genfanad elaborates on trading card combat conversion and its effects on crafting and social features

Last month, old school-inspired MMORPG Genfanad decided to trade in its behind-the-scenes dice roll combat model for a trading card game-styled deckbuilder instead -...
sure, fine, okay

Magic: the Gathering Arena is teaming up with IHOP (yay pancakes?)

Down at the plaza, there is an IHOP and a Denny's locked in a struggle like rival gangs in West Side Story. Who will...

Hearthstone announces the Fall of Ulduar mini-set’s September 19 release

Nothing brings the party to a digital CCG quite like an unknowable extraplanar Old God who is, according to the wiki, "responsible for many...

The MOP Up: Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader adds multiplayer coop

Turn-based CRPG Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader announced that it will be including coop multiplayer with its PC launch (there is no date yet set,...

Genfanad is swapping out its classic MMORPG combat model with a TCG deckbuilder instead

The old-school-styled indie MMORPG Genfanad was always something of a unique duck in our genre, but Rose Tinted Games' next major update is going...

Hearthstone’s Caverns of Time and official Twist launch heads our way next week

The mysterious doors to Warcraft's famous Caverns of Time are about to creak open in Hearthstone. The digital card game announced that it's introducing...

The Soapbox: How Vanguard’s diplomacy system could be revived and improved

Once upon a time there was an MMORPG called Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. It wasn't the most popular MMO, but it did cultivate a...
In an unbroken line.

Vague Patch Notes: The shell game of MMO subscriber numbers and player counts

Here is a very reasonable question: How many subscribers does Star Wars: The Old Republic have? Not how many players, but how many subscribers....

Fight or Kite: Decks-building and fast-traveling in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

A couple of weeks ago when I first wrote about my impressions with Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, I had a chance to discuss a...

Marvel Snap’s development roadmap shows PC launch, new reward track, and guilds

The future of Marvel Snap is full of many developments indeed, if Second Dinner's latest roadmap is any indication. The studio divided projects between...

Hearthstone welcomes this summer’s Titans card set

It's expansion week for Blizzard's Hearthstone, as the digital card game welcomed its latest 145-card set: Titans. This xpack includes the new Forged and...

Massively Overthinking: What’s Blizzard’s next move?

Gamers and pundits talked a big talk about Blizzard's prospects over the last few years. Don't worry about the weak revenues and plunging MAUs,...
What can I say except ''you're welcome''

Perfect Ten: We’ll always have Glorbo

Yes, folks, you've all heard the news by now about how Glorbo is finally being added into World of Warcraft. You may, of course,...

Hearthstone patch paves the way for August’s Titans expansion set

Hearthstone's 145-card Titan set is due to arrive on the scene this August 1st, and as with any major Blizzard drop, you know that...

Ankama’s Waven heads to early access on August 16 – here’s the new trailer

Back in June, MOP's Fight or Kite columnist Sam dipped into Waven for the first time - and really liked it. The game is...

Melee-focused battle royale Naraka Bladepoint goes free-to-play, celebrates two years, and launches on PS5

This week is a pretty big one for the melee-centric battle royale Naraka: Bladepoint, with a second anniversary celebration, a launch on the PlayStation...

Hearthstone takes a deep-dive into the Titan card type arriving with its next expansion

As we noted last week, Hearthstone introduced its new Titans expansion, which is headlined by the titular card type that will grant every class...

Hearthstone announces Titans expansion with new card types and keywords for August 1

If someone is bringing something called a Titan to the play field of Hearthstone, you would expect that it would make a bit of...