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DC Universe Online permanently bans ‘egregious’ exploiters and removes exploited XP gains

In mid-December of last year, DC Universe Online had outlined actions taken against exploiters of a bug that landed with Update 119, indefinitely suspending...

Avatar: Reckoning looks like a mobile MMO with shooter vibes, backed by Disney and Tencent

If you are one of those people who's always wanted an MMORPG based on the movie Avatar and the world of Pandora, well, prepare...

Pokemon Go’s volunteers are being harassed by exploiters within the Wayfarer program

Remember how in some older MMOs, like Ultima Online, EverQuest, and Asheron's Call, we had volunteer gamemasters and counselors? And how sometimes it turned...

Massively Overthinking: Hopes and fears for MMOs in 2022

For our first official Massively Overthinking of 2022, we're following tradition: We're talking all about our hopes and fears for the genre in the...

ArcheAge bans more cheaters and revamps free trials in today’s update

ArcheAge is down for maintenance this morning, but don't get too excited, as the patch notes reiterate that complete halt to the entire unlock...

Interview: ArcheAge studios on the move to Kakao, bans, land rushes, and the future of the game

One of the surprises the end of 2021 had in store for MMO players was the move of XLGAMES' ArcheAge and ArcheAge Unchained from...

ArcheAge delays fresh start progression, launches New Year’s festival, bans 21K alt accounts

What's new in the world of ArcheAge? As of last week, there's a Zodiac Festival that lets players ring in the new year with...

Roblox’s CEO has apparently dodged millions in taxes using a ‘small business’ exemption loophole

In case you somehow still thought Roblox was one of the good ones after all those pieces about its exploitation of child labor, or...

Daybreak bans over 800 ‘egregious’ bug exploiters in DC Universe Online for Christmas

While Update 119 of DC Universe Online brought plenty of things to the game intentionally, one thing that was unintentional was a pretty serious...

Pirates of the Burning Sea teases ‘legacy’ edition coming soon

Arr, there be some life left in Pirates of the Burning Sea's sails, after all! Shortly before the dev team broke for the holidays,...

ArcheAge begins swinging the banhammer against promotion and web inventory exploiters

Yesterday we reported on a massive exploit wave that swept over ArcheAge involving players taking advantage of a free mana crystal promotion as well...

ArcheAge’s free mana crystal Twitter promotion leads to a 24 hour-long exploitation spree

Back when Kakao was kicking off its relaunch of ArcheAge, it was running a Twitter promotion that promised mana crystals for players if a...
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Wisdom of Nym: Please do not hear of the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV

Well that was surprising. In case you somehow missed it, Square-Enix took a heretofore unprecedented step this week, announcing that not only would Final Fantasy...

Old School RuneScape adds a Grand Exchange tax and item sink system, proposes death pile changes to Ultimate Ironman

The winds of change are continuing to blow over Old School RuneScape, which shouldn't be a surprise since that's just how MMORPGs roll. Specifically,...
Hey! You! Go punch a thing!

New World’s director discusses testing cadence, future features, and contending with update issues

By now New World's unsteadiness is well-known among MMORPG fans. The game's initial launch caught fire, but over the past few months the game...

Destiny 2 marks Bungie’s 30th anniversary with new free and buy-to-play celebratory content

The 30th anniversary of Bungie is being celebrated in Destiny 2's latest update/DLC pack, which as the headline suggests offers some goodies celebrating the...

Kakao’s ArcheAge AMA suggests revamps of crime and trade systems, monitoring for ‘nefarious gameplay’

Yesterday, Kakao ran an AMA on the MMORPG subreddit to address player "confusion" over its impending stewardship of ArcheAge here in the west following...

The Daily Grind: Have you ever exploited in an MMO?

New World's seemingly endless parade of exploits had reawakened my wonder about who exactly buys a game only to try to break it for...

Today’s New World patch tackles the server time-jumping bug, lowers housing taxes

As we noted yesterday, a significant number of New World players have been affected by the bug whereby some servers basically become unstuck in...

The Daily Grind: Do all the New World issues make you less enthusiastic to play?

We were talking in work chat the other day about how all New World really had to do this year was launch in a competent...