New World is still mopping up exploits and server crashes post-Season of the Guardian


Amazon has continued shoring up New World in the wake of last week’s slippery Season of the Guardian, with multiple updates this week.

For starters, folks who were exploiting the Penetrating Shot and Poison Shot bugs are in for a world of trouble. The studio has disabled both skills as of last night and warns that “penalties will be issued against those found to have abused weapon bugs following CS investigations.” Earlier in the week, the studio also disabled a camp skin that was allowing players to drop camps in restricted areas, it’s revised the mutated expeditions schedule since it was repeating, and it’s warned about instability.

“Since the release of Season 5 last week, we’ve observed a sharp increase in game world instability,” Amazon writes. “We understand that these crashes have wide implications for your enjoyment of New World, so our team has been actively investigating and working on solutions. The first of these will be included in an upcoming bugfix patch. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding and patience as we work to improve your gameplay experience.”

Source: Twitter
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