Star Wars Galaxies Legends expands its bounty hunting system into space with this week’s patch


Hot on the heels of its spring newsletter, Star Wars Galaxies rogue server SWG Legends has dropped its April content update, and as one Discord fan put it, “tldr patch notes – these devs are doing the work of the gods.”

The core content live as of this morning is the space bounty hunting system. I don’t do space anymore, so I’ve not tested this at all, but essentially it looks like players will be able to place bounties on whatever killed them in space, and bounty hunter mission terminals will lead player bounty hunters to those targets, with the help of their droids, of course, in exchange for the reward. “The skies are no longer safe from the wrath of Bounty Hunters,” the patch notes read.

The rest of the patch includes a long list of quality-of-life upgrades, including new collections for the Meatlump Themepark, UI tweaks, free-trade on Bespin gas (finally!), warning emails for zero-maintenance vendors, no more TEFs from random NPCs, junk loot on Bespin mobs, and fixes an annoying bug with survival knife crates that actually caused me to stop selling them (nice).

I wasn’t able to figure out all of the Meatlump Themepark additions on a quick login, but I did get automatic credit for at least one set of achievements on my themepark toon: the reward was a Meatlump vendor. Oh no.

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