ARK: Survival Ascended rolls back official servers over a new duping exploit


Just like how there was always that kid who ruined the neighborhood swimming pool by peeing in it, online games suffer when exploiters do their dirty business in everyone’s playground. Because of this, ARK: Survival Ascended blew its whistle, got everyone out of the pool servers, and enacted an eight-hour rollback.

“With the deployment happening now, we are conducting a service-wide rollback on our official network of approximately eight hours to reduce the damage caused by an exploit,” ARK’s team said. “We will be taking enforcement action against tribes that have benefitted from the exploit.”

According to Reddit, the exploit in question involved placing and reclaiming turrets to make a whole lot of resources in a very short amount of time, messing up the server’s economy as a whole. Unfortunately, players report that this particular situation is indicative to the hack- and dupe-riddled servers that ARK: Survival Ascended operates.

Source: Twitter
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