Tribes: Ascend, a multiplayer online shooter
Tribes series, a series of online multiplayer shooters that began in 1998

Tribes 3 Rivals hits early access, lays out a roadmap through the second quarter

Everything old is new again, or at least old enough to be a throwback while being new enough to engage FPS gamers. That's probably...

Tribes 3 Rivals’ latest weekend playtest elicits additional mixed reactions from fans

This past weekend saw yet another playtest run for the team-based FPS Tribes 3: Rivals, with Hi-Rez's sub-studio Prophecy Games continuing to make tweaks...
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Final Fantasy XIV Tokyo Fan Festival: Pictomancer, lady Hrothgar, and release ambiguity

If you had been paying attention and looking forward to Final Fantasy XIV's third and final fan festival ahead of Dawntrail, you probably had...

ARK: Survival Ascended rolls back official servers over a new duping exploit

Just like how there was always that kid who ruined the neighborhood swimming pool by peeing in it, online games suffer when exploiters do...

Tribes 3 Rivals promises a business model that has learned from past monetization mistakes

Near as we can figure, there are two types of players learning that the venerable Tribes FPS franchise is coming back in the form...

Hi-Rez’s Tribes 3 Rivals aims to resurrect the classic capture-the-flag franchise next year

Cast your mind all the way back to 1998, unless you weren't born yet, in which case you may play with your fidget spinner...

The Game Archaeologist: Firefall, an MMO tragedy about more than just a bus

Back when I first started writing for Massively and was energetic enough to go on trips to trade shows, I hit up a PAX...

Court docs show Activision-Blizzard helped a gun manufacturer market to ‘young consumers’ in Call of Duty title

Just when you thought that Activision-Blizzard news might finally slow down now that Microsoft's officially acquired it, no less than the Wall Street Journal...

The Stream Team: Dealing with the Droaam army in DDO

After witnessing the landing of the Droaam army on Stormreach's shores, Massively OP's MJ and her D&D night crew need to deal with those...

Path of Exile heralds August’s Trial of the Ancestor league while smirking at Diablo IV

While visions of next year's Path of Exile 2 are swimming in the heads of fans, Grinding Gear Games hopes that they'll spare some...
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Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival Las Vegas: Keynote takeaways, Dawntrail, and Xbox X|S

The Final Fantasy XIV fan festival is upon us yet again, and as we all expected, we now know the name of the next...
Oh, right.

Wisdom of Nym: Ways for Final Fantasy XIV to make more use of old zones

So Final Fantasy XIV has some zones, huh. Now, this in and of itself is neither an issue nor a problem. There are a...

Ark Survival Evolved rolls out Fjordur map and new conquest season servers this weekend

Seven-year-old survival sandbox ARK: Survival Evolved is gearing up for a busy weekend. A busy Sunday, at least, which is perhaps not the most...
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Wisdom of Nym: Reconsidering Final Fantasy XIV’s Primals

Back in the early days of Final Fantasy XIV, Primals were kind of a big deal. Not the biggest deal in the game's lore...

The Game Archaeologist: The history of Hi-Rez’s Global Agenda

This past week, former Global Agenda players woke up to a surprising reality: Their game, which went offline in 2018, suddenly was back. Hi-Rez...
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Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV’s lack of public testing is fine by me

When the Final Fantasy XIV media tour happens, it'll be the first opportunity anyone outside of Square-Enix has gotten to look at anything related...

Wagadu Chronicles fleshes out tribes, adds first version of questing system

One thing that Wagadu Chronicles is doing quite well these days is being faithful to deliver a monthly report to the community about how...

Choose My Adventure: How Spellbreak kicked my butt

So, you’re first of all likely all wondering what happened to the voted-for Fallout 76 that was supposed to be part of this column....

Xsyon introduces mounts and a variety of additional social features in latest patches

The early access sandbox of Xsyon just got a little bit friendlier thanks to the game's most recent patch updates. In early September, an...

Wisdom of Nym: What awaits Final Fantasy XIV’s Norvrandt in the future?

I don't want to spoil Final Fantasy XIV's most recent patch here before the cut, but it is not exactly a spoiler to say that...