Wagadu Chronicles fleshes out tribes, adds first version of questing system


One thing that Wagadu Chronicles is doing quite well these days is being faithful to deliver a monthly report to the community about how this roleplay-centered title is developing. With that in mind, the MMO’s June report is out with a look at new character customization options and discussions about the game’s art style and architecture.

You’ll recall that this Afrofantasy MMO is drawing a lot of inspiration from real-world African cultures to use in its fictional tribes. Wagadu’s team said that particular focus was paid this past month to the Ironmaster and Ikaki cultures, including the purpose of their attire, the monsters associated with their tribes, and how long pins can be used either for assassination or secret messages.

There’s been work done on the questing loop and reputation system: “Players will have a reputation with different Spirit Kingdoms (groups of allied spirit families) for being good at certain skills, which will affect a player’s relationship with individual spirits.”

Studio Twin Drums also announced that it brought on a 3D art intern named Malika Mutombo Mudimi to add to the game’s already distinctive look and is collaborating with biologist Maria Gatta to lend the biomes authenticity.

Source: Kickstarter
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