Star Citizen previews derelict settlements and a new dynamic event arriving in Alpha 3.17.2

Alpha 3.17 of Star Citizen is going to be getting a patch soon, and in that patch players can look forward to a couple...

Star Citizen QA tester is out of a job after pushing back against the company’s return-to-office policy [Updated]

"Today, I lost my job at Cloud Imperium Games for standing up for my fellow coworkers," opens a LinkedIn post by a former employee...

Temtem outlines PvP updates, its final archipelago, a new breeder route, and monetization

Last week, Temtem ran what it called "Golden Week" - a series of dev blogs that would outline a variety of changes made to...

Star Citizen takes an in-depth look at progress for the Banu Merchantman as Alien Week kicks off

This week's episode of Star Citizen's video series is an extra big one, which makes a measure of sense considering the latest video is...

Make My MMO: Indie MMO Genfanad already made its Kickstarter goal

Browser-based MMORPG Genfanad is having a great month, as it began its Kickstarter and almost immediately funded. Of course, it's asking for only $10,000,...

Star Citizen brings back in-person Bar Citizen community events and previews trading UI updates

Fans of Star Citizen are likely very familiar with the Bar Citizen community events, where players can share drinks and mingle with the devs...

RuneScape preps players to fight a chaos god in the new Twilight of the Gods quest line

How are you meant to be ready to fight a god of chaos and destruction? RuneScape players are going to find out in the...

Inside Star Citizen showcases alpha 3.17.2’s illicit delivery missions and combat service beacon updates

Not everyone in the 'verse of Star Citizen wants to be a delivery driver, especially if those deliveries are pretty routine and unremarkable. For...

Star Citizen shares work on ships, a new player experience, missions, and dev tools in May report

As we slip into June, it's time once again for CIG to check in with May's development progress for Star Citizen, outlining work done...

RuneScape’s board game Kickstarter has already pulled in almost half a million dollars

If you wanted a RuneScape-inspired board game, today's good news is that this is absolutely definitely happening now. Steamforged Games, the company making the...

‘Nostalgic’ browser MMORPG Genfanad opens its Kickstarter, immediately hits its $10K ask

Last year we reported on Genfanad, a self-described "nostalgic browser-based MMORPG" that promised to mesh old-school sandbox MMORPG sensibilities with an off-beat sense of...

Iron Harvest 1920 teases single-player World Map mode, ships Kickstarter rewards

It's been quite a while since we heard from co-op RTS Iron Harvest 1920. After the excellent Operation Eagle expansion, the team largely went...

Old School RuneScape releases an unranked Group Ironman mode and a Group Boss Bash event

The newest update out of Old School RuneScape is all about Group Ironman, leading off with a new unranked version of the mode that...

Inside Star Citizen offers a look at the Drake Mule cargo vehicle and the RSI Scorpius heavy fighter ship

The ongoing Invictus event in Star Citizen, which is already home to plenty of vehicles and ship demonstrations, is reason enough for CIG to...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 374: Star Citizen, one decade later

Justin and Bree discuss the state of Star Citizen, Final Fantasy XI's 20th birthday, Guild Wars 2's Sky Pirates, DDO's Isle of Dread, and EVE Online's EVE Anywhere, plus a mailbag topic on struggling with single-player games in the wake of MMOs.
Lot of oh no, but maybe that's to be expected.

Book of Travels decides to get granular about bug fixes in a new Steam sub-forum

Last month, tiny multiplayer online title Book of Travels saw fit to call in help to fix its tech issues as part of the...

Star Citizen’s AI team teases commandable NPCs in dev roundtable

The end of every week features a new developer broadcast out of Star Citizen, and this past Friday was no different as members of...
Well, that sounds familiar.

Make My MMO: Ethyrial Echoes of Yore canceled its Kickstarter

This week in MMO crowdfunding, Ethyrial Echoes of Yore canceled its Kickstarter, unfortunately. As we'd noted, the game was a throwback indie sandbox seeking only...

Star Citizen debuts the new Anvil Legionnaire as part of the game’s free-to-play Invictus Launch Week

The annual Invictus Launch Week event for Star Citizen is back once again, making the alpha version of the game available to everyone for...

Massively Overthinking: The MMO grudges we just can’t let go

Back in April, MMO Fallout's Connor and I had a lil tweet convo about grudges. He was joking that there will be aged gamers...