ark survival evolved

Official Site: ARK: Survival Evolved, Steam
Studio: Studio Wildcard
Launch Date: June 2, 2015 (Early Access)
Genre: Dino Survival Sandbox
Business Model: B2P (One-Time Fee)
Platform: PC, Xbox One

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ARK Survival Ascended is launching a streamlined way to get player-made items in February and April

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ARK: Survival Ascended rolls back official servers over a new duping exploit

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ARK Survival Ascended’s PlayStation launch has been undelayed to November 30

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ARK Survival Ascended confirms release delay for Xbox, targets possible PlayStation launch by month’s end

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Nitrado CEO claims ARK Survival Ascended ‘would never have existed’ without its $4M loan

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Modders declare petition victory as ARK Survival Ascended team lifts server hosting exclusivity restrictions

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ARK Survival Ascended has finally hit early access on Steam to ‘re-energize the classic-ARK experience’

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Myth of Empires resolves ARK Survival Evolved copyright lawsuit, paving the way for its return

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Wildcard sunsets ARK Survival Evolved official servers, confirms no Steam cross-play at ARK Ascended’s launch

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ARK readies final Survival Evolved official server snapshot before September 30 shutdown

The end is nigh for ARK: Survival Evolved. The game's latest newsletter once again heralds the end for official servers of the dino survival...

ARK Survival Ascended shares a preview image of its mod creation tool as late October game launch nears

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ARK Survival Ascended still claims an October launch as it begins another player-made creature contest

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SEC filings reveal the multi-million-dollar debt ARK Survival Evolved’s publisher owes Nitrado

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ARK Survival Ascended confirms that players will get to rent private servers thanks to Nitrado partnership

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ARK Survival Ascended finalizes the player-created creature coming to its Aberration map

The community engagement continues in ARK: Survival Ascended. Readers might remember that Studio Wildcard kicked off a mid-July player-created creature contest that offered a...

ARK highlights player mods and opens another player-created critter contest for Ascended’s Aberration map

The community crunch newsletter out of ARK is obviously about the game's community, but that's even more true in the latest edition as it...