ARK Survival Ascended confirms release delay for Xbox, targets possible PlayStation launch by month’s end


Xbox and PlayStation fans who are eager to get in to ARK: Survival Ascended are waking up to some unfortunate news as Studio Wildcard has confirmed on Twitter that both console versons of the survivalbox are facing some launch delays.

The announcement opens with word that Xbox certification has “yielded some unexpected issues,” forcing Wildcard to work with Microsoft to correct them. The studio is eyeing the Xbox release for early next week, with more specific launch details potentially tied down by the end of this week. As for the PlayStation version, Wildcard says it’s still on track for release at the end of November, with yet another promise for a firmer launch date once the studio has made “more meaningful progress.”

Technically speaking, these delays will still see the console editions of ASA arrive in November as originally projected, but that assumes Wildcard won’t run into any further hurdles to clear, which regular readers know is something the studio frequently does. For now, Xbox and PlayStation owners are going to have to wait and watch.

source: Twitter
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