studio wildcard

Indie studio known primarily for ARK: Survival Evolved.

It's a fooler.

Perfect Ten: The MMORPG terms we use but never define, from murderhobo to sandpark

Over in Vague Patch Notes, I have an ongoing series of columns that I describe as being primarily about having useful notes for us...

ARK Survival Ascended releases an official mod that injects the Power Rangers into the survivalbox

One of my favorite kinds of mods is the one that slaps in some off-the-wall character or feature that's less about maintaining worldbuilding and...

ARK Survival Ascended adds The Center map, paid critter DLC, and premium mods on console

ARK Survival Evolved reboot/rebrand ARK Survival Ascended is doing something new this week: It's launching a new paid DLC series focused on new tamed...

Persist Online interview: CipSoft explains why Persist is an MMORPG, not a survival shooter

Earlier this week, we covered the surprising news that Tibia developer CipSoft has a new MMORPG on the way. At least, the studio is...

ARK Survival Ascended opens temporary Scorched Earth servers, confirms premium mods for consoles in April

Evidently there are a lot of fans who are trying to get into the Scorched Earth map of ARK: Survival Ascended - enough that...

PSA: ARK Survival Ascended is free-to-play this weekend on PS5 and Steam

Who wants free digital dinosaurs? Or if you're a digital dinosaur, who wants free digital humans to snack on? Either way, the dino survival...
City again.

Perfect Ten: MMOs that experienced a surprising comeback

It's hard to pass up a really good comeback story. We love it when a beloved something or someone is counted down and out......

The MOP Up: Co-op RPG Stolen Realm launches with ‘frictionless’ multiplayer

Turn-based RPG Stolen Realm launched on Steam, Xbox, and Switch: "Play Stolen Realm solo, or in co-op with up to six heroes, as you...

The cast list for Wildcard’s surprise ARK Animated Series on Paramount+ is bananas

I don't know who asked for this, but I'm also not upset about it as this might be the most amusing thing the ARK...

Survival sandbox MMO Myth of Empires launches its 1.0 build on Steam today

Myth of Empires is flinging open its doors today - right now, in fact - as the sandbox survival MMO launches on Steam at...

ARK Survival Ascended rolls back latest update, which was eating players items on official servers

When you're playing ARK: Survival Ascended, you expect things to be hungry: your tamed pets, the dinosaurs roaming the wilds, your character - you...

Myth of Empires’ epic new trailer teases biomes, building construction, and warfare

Having put its legal quibbles with Studio Wildcard and Smilegate behind it, strategy-sandbox MMO Myth of Empires is heading to its launch this month...

ARK Survival Ascended is launching a streamlined way to get player-made items in February and April

Mod support is already a thing in ARK: Survival Ascended, but the survival sandbox is bringing a little bit more streamlining to the custom...

Myth of Empires cranks out a playtest for its upcoming February launch

With its legal troubles hopefully behind it, medieval sandbox MMO Myth of Empires is cruising to a full launch next month. But before that...

ARK Survival Ascended heralds dev kit updates this month and more map releases in February and April

The next few months are apparently going to be big ones for ARK: Survival Ascended, as the content roadmap shared by the survival sandbox...

ARK: Survival Ascended rolls back official servers over a new duping exploit

Just like how there was always that kid who ruined the neighborhood swimming pool by peeing in it, online games suffer when exploiters do...

ARK Survival Ascended brings back the Winter Wonderland holiday event and Survival of the Fittest mode

ARK: Survival Ascended has brought back things that regular players of the dino survival sandbox are likely familiar with, but this time they're in...

ARK Survival Ascended begins the Turkey Trial event and readies a Survival of the Fittest PC public test

Who says you can't enjoy a little Thanksgiving event in the Christmas season? Besides, roasted turkey is a perfectly cromulent holiday dish. However, the...

ARK Survival Ascended shares cross-platform mods, holiday event, and content roadmap through 2025

Studio Wildcard used its recent Extra Life charity fundraising livestream to outline a whole two years' worth of update plans for ARK: Survival Ascended,...

ARK Survival Ascended’s PlayStation launch has been undelayed to November 30

Studio Wildcard is about to make some PlayStation fans very happy: It's undelaying the delay of of ARK Survival Ascended's PlayStation launch. Readers will recall...