Is Elder Scrolls Online’s next stop in Telvanni-held mainland Morrowind?


The Dark Heart of Skyrim Celebration being held in Elder Scrolls Online has likely been about getting those sweet rewards for players, but one fan of the game has uncovered and shared some pretty intriguing hidden dialogue that may be dropping clues about where the MMORPG’s next chapter will take players.

YouTuber Hack the Minotaur has zeroed in on some spoken dialogue from the NPC Mel Adrys, who is part of the event. Normally players who speak with him get dialogue about hunting the Gray Host, but those who completed a quest with him in Goldcoast beforehand get some extra dialogue instead that name drops Morrowind, journeying through the lands of the Telvanni, and the city-state of Necrom.

Hack further reasons that the Telvanni region is a likely candidate because Lady Laurent mentions the region at the end of the High Isle chapter quest and some NPCs in Galen mention the Telvanni peninsula as well. Combine these name drops with the conclusion that the locations of High Isle and Blackwood were not nearly as popular as Morrowind was, and there appears to be a high likelihood that players are headed to Telvanni lands.

In other ESO news, the devs of the MMORPG have their minds on relaxation as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches in the US, and some of them have written a little dev blog about the in-game activities they enjoy to unwind.

sources: YouTube (cheers, Bryan!), official site
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