EVE Online celebrates Spanish players with in-game events as Fanfest tickets are nearly sold out


EVE Online has decided to take a few days out of this week to celebrate its Spanish-speaking community and the game’s soft-launch of its Spanish localization with some in-game events. Yesterday saw a fireworks show in Jita as well as community chats, while this Thursday, November 24th, will have another afternoon meet-up in-game with the Spanish playerbase as they fly to different locations across New Eden, and this Friday brings Spanish players together to form a Spanish-centered NPSI fleet to roam the system and find “friend and foe alike.”

The post additionally promises that CCP Games will continue to polish Spanish translations and include vocabulary that Spanish-speaking players of EVE have developed over the years. There’s even some words from the game’s creative director offered to Spanish-language players in a video, which will be found below the break.

In other EVE-related news, early ticket sales for EVE Fanfest 2023 are already starting to get cleaned out, the Caldari State has siezed control of a constellation as tensions between it and the Federation continue to bubble up, and a song that EVE Echoes created to mark its second anniversary has won an award for 2022 Song in Mobile Game from the Hollywood Music in Media Awards.

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