CCP Games has already locked down dates and early details for its EVE Fanfest 2023


We are all a very long way from September 2023, but CCP Games is still eager to tie down that month as the one for next year’s Fanfest event for EVE Online, as the studio is looking ahead to the sandbox’s 20th anniversary.

Next year’s Fanfest will be held on September 21st through the 23rd, bringing the celebration back to its three day-long format. In addition, it will once again be an in-person affair, taking place in Reykjavik, Iceland, in the much larger Laugardalshöll event center. Advance tickets are already on sale for $159, while standard tickets will set fans back a cool $295. As for what to expect, there will be the usual keynote presentation and panels as well as several events in the days leading up to the festival like a pub crawl and the Party at the Top of the World.

As readers might remember, this year’s Fanfest ended up being a COVID spreading event, with visitors testing positive almost immediately and at least one person who had to be hospitalized. Obviously, nobody will know what the COVID virus will look like, what restrictions may be in place, and what steps medical science will take to halt the virus between now and next September, but we still advise plenty of caution even as CCP Games seeks to party in-person once again.

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