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Titan Forge’s EVE War for New Eden board game closed out a successful Kickstarter with $682K

The EVE Online-themed board game has finished out its Kickstarter this week, pulling in roughly $682,000 US from backers - not that there was...

EVE Online tweaks Havoc insurgencies, preps monthly EVE Vanguard tests for subbers

This week's EVE Online patch builds on the Havoc expansion CCP Games dropped before the turn of the new year, with both graphical and...

The Stream Team: Discussing Final Fantasy XIV’s London Fanfest reveals

We are now a day removed from the London Fanfest of Final Fantasy XIV and MOP's Chris has a whole lot to talk about!...

EVE Evolved: Is it too late to start playing EVE Online?

Sci-fi MMO EVE Online reached a special milestone this year with its 20th anniversary, and for many people, it raises an interesting question: Is...

EVE Online puts together a lore-focused informational video about November 14’s Havoc update

EVE Online is starting its march towards November 14th's Havoc update in one of gaming's favorite methods: the hype video. That said, the newest...

Global Chat: So who’s ready for EverQuest 3?

Hibernating fans of the EverQuest franchise stirred from slumber this past month to hear that EG7 and Daybreak may actually be progressing with a...

EVE Online’s Crimson Harvest Halloween event brings murderous good times to New Eden

What does Halloween in space look like? For players of EVE Online, it looks like the annual Crimson Harvest event, which has come back...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 438: EverQuest what’s next?

Justin and Bree discuss the potential for EverQuest 3, the LOTRO remaster's cancelation, EVE Fanfest's EVE Online Havoc and EVE Vanguard reveals, WoW Classic's about-face on LFD, Pantheon's new art style, and Marvel Heroes' code leak, with adventures in WoW Classic, LOTRO, Guild Wars 2, and Glitch Odd Giants.

EVE Fanfest 2023: EVE players will help cure cancer with new Project Discovery minigame

Back in 2016, EVE Online developer CCP Games announced an unusual partnership with scientific research organisation MMOs and the Human Protein Atlas. They created...

EVE Fanfest 2023: EVE Online’s Havoc expansion will finally let you side with the pirates

Details of EVE Online's latest expansion have been revealed at EVE Fanfest 2023, and the word of the weekend is "chaos." The aptly named...

EVE Fanfest 2023: The EVE Online FPS is back as EVE Vanguard this December

It's safe to say that EVE Online has a complicated history with first person shooters. The idea of stepping foot on the planets of...

EVE Online’s galactic mystery points players at a brand-new star system ahead of Fanfest

A tantalizing mystery in EVE Online has sent players scurrying across the in-game galaxy to uncover clues -- and a new destination. A set...
Less than inspirational!

The MOP Up: EVE Online’s Fanfest has officially sold out

Well, that's it: EVE Online's Fanfest is officially sold out this year, so if you were hoping to snag a ticket at this late...

Pearl Abyss Q2 2023: EVE surges, Black Desert stumbles, Crimson Desert hedges

August is a month of quarterly financials, and the season hasn't been kind to the type of MMO company that publishes its numbers. So...

Following Final Fantasy XIV Fanfest COVID outbreak, one fan admits guilt – in a comic

An apparent COVID-19 outbreak at Final Fantasy XIV's Fanfest in Las Vegas a week and a half ago has been punctuated by one fan...

EVE Online’s studio is Kickstarting a Titan Forge-built EVE-themed board game

The trend of large and long-established game companies turning to Kickstarter to fund board game spinoffs continues today, as Pearl Abyss-owned CCP Games announced...

CCP restructures EVE Online’s CSM, giving two seats to the studio’s picks

The process of forming the 18th Council of Stellar Management that's intended to represent EVE Online players is about to begin. CCP Games has...

EVE Online opens pre-orders for its 20th anniversary collector’s edition

If you're not a regular player of EVE Online, then your first reaction to seeing one of the goodies in the game's 20th anniversary...

Remember that EVE Online Excel integration? It’s actually fully live today

Last year at EVE Fanfest, CCP Games teased a partnership with Microsoft Excel that would literally integrate EVE Online with the spreadsheet tool. In...

Pearl Abyss announces Black Desert FESTA event for July 1 in South Korea

Black Desert is having a helluva June: It's already launched the Awakened Woosa, the Maegu awakening is on the way, and then Land of...