EVE Online’s galactic mystery points players at a brand-new star system ahead of Fanfest


A tantalizing mystery in EVE Online has sent players scurrying across the in-game galaxy to uncover clues — and a new destination. A set of Jovian stargates are now linked up to a strange star system named Zarzakh that nobody’s visited yet. While players can’t go there right now, the system’s location looks to be in a highly desirable place and could end up becoming the next hotbed of conflict in the game.

Zarzakh and a pair of brand-new ships — the Mekubal and the Mamba destroyers — are but the tip of the space-iceberg for EVE Online this month. That’s because EVE Fanfest is taking place this weekend, and it’s here that fans expect to hear word of the next steps for this long-running MMO.

CCP is being tight-lipped about its biggest reveals, but it’s a good bet that the studio will drop some major news on Friday with its keynote address at EVE Fanfest. The studio also plans to discuss “EVE Online’s place in the MMO multiverse” on Saturday afternoon.

Source: New Eden Post, EVE Fanfest. Thanks Wilhelm!
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