Absurdly cute co-op brawler Party Animals officially launches on PC and Xbox today


MOP’s MJ and Chris have been excited for this bizarre game since we first caught a glimpse of the trailer: It’s Party Animals, and it’s finally launching today.

Party Animals is essentially a co-op brawler party game whose adorable characters and cutesy graphics are at complete odds with its cutthroat gameplay and silly physics.

“Expect lots of laughs as players attempt to toss, grapple, hit, and swing their pals around… or hilariously stumble face-first in the process. This highly-anticipated, ridiculously cute co-op brawler features seamless crossplay between platforms, so inviting everyone to the party is easier than ever! […] The three closed betas that took place in the three weekends were a tremendous help in ensuring the party starts today without a hitch! A whopping 12 new maps that weren’t available in the beta weekends are included in today’s launch, for a total of 20 various maps for players to fling, fight, and wobble their way through.”

We’re not gonna list off all the maps, but they have names like Winter is Coming, Beat-Up Bridge, Gator Valley, Fluffy Redemption, and Lollipop Factory, so you know right off what you’re in for.

Launch today runs $20-$30 depending on your version on both PC and Xbox (Xbox One, Xbox X|S, and Xbox GamePass), with crossplay included. Or just stay tuned because you know we’re gonna stream it soon enough.

Source: Press release, official site
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