Rumor: Mark Hamill will reprise his role as the Joker for MultiVersus

For people of a certain age, the vocal performance of Mark Hamill as the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series is unmatched, setting the...

MultiVersus doubles the XP required to max out character mastery to ‘make it a bit more of a journey’

There's a new patch out for the multiplayer character brawler MultiVersus! There's cute outfits for Reindog! How adorable! Rick Sanchez was added to the...

LOTRO Legendarium: Analyzing the first look at Brawler and Legendary Items 3.0

Friends, I am genuinely so excited to be a Lord of the Rings Online player these days. It feels like this year in the...

Closers update reopens Gremory’s Laboratory andintroduces contribution point system

The latest update for Naddic Games's anime brawler Closers has reintroduced Gremory's Laboratory, added the contribution point system, and implemented a slew of quality-of-life...

Robot brawling MMO Robocraft now counts 9.5M players

Freejam announced today that Robocraft, its early access robot-themed, builder-centric action MMO, has dinged up to 9.5 million players just as the game is...

Grab a TERA Secrets & Shadows flying mount key from En Masse and MOP

In celebration of the launch of TERA's Secrets & Shadows patch today, En Masse has granted Massively OP 20,000 keys for a seven-day flying mount called...

Grab a TERA dragonette pet key from En Masse and MOP in honor of the Knockout update

TERA's Knockout update arrives today, bringing with it the new Brawler class, new endgame armor (tier 8 and 9), and two new dungeons: “the pirate-infested...

You can grind some event tokens in TERA from now through January 12

TERA's new Brawler class debuts on December 8th. Starting today, the fantasy MMO is running an event called Brace for Impact that celebrates the...

TERA teases the Brawler class slated for December’s Knockout update

Action-MMO TERA is getting a brand-new class in its next update: the Brawler. En Masse summarized the class in a press release today: "The brawler...

EVE Evolved: Fitting Tech 3 Tactical Destroyers as PvP brawlers

The past few months have seen a flood of frequent updates hitting EVE Online, and among them we got a whole new class of...