Robot brawling MMO Robocraft now counts 9.5M players


Freejam announced today that Robocraft, its early access robot-themed, builder-centric action MMO, has dinged up to 9.5 million players just as the game is launching a brand new update, BRAWL. The gist is that you build your own blocky robot thingamabob and then drive, fly, or paddle it out to beat up other people’s whatsits and see who’s got the best gewgaw. May the best doohickey win.

“This new game mode aims to bring regular, fun twists to the game via changes to mechanics, maps, weapons, Robot requirements and restrictions – all of which will require you to build custom Robots in order to be the best,” says the game’s Steam page. “We’re also rewarding BRAWL players with extra bonuses for their first BRAWL victory.”

The 2014 game is free-to-play and will remain so when it formally launches out of early access in early 2017, so you can go get it right now for nothin’. And! There’s an infographic. Check it.

Localisation Infographic Scamp4

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