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Betawatch: Robocraft hits beta testing (March 3, 2017)

Life is weird. You would think that once Robocraft was a thing I would never have played anything else, simply because it’s a game about building your own robots and then making them fight. Yet it hasn’t really made it onto my radar before, although perhaps that will change now that the game has launched into beta. That’s a good thing for all who care for robots, really.

Other beta news? There was a bit, here and there!

Your quest now, should you choose to accept it, is to head into the comments and let us know about what betas you’re playing. There are more on the list below, you see. You can also let us know if something on that list has launched while claiming it’s still in testing, which is something that probably didn’t happen back in 2006, but who knows at this point? That was a while ago.

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Grab a Robocraft starter pack in time for today’s update and beta launch!

Online robot-builder-brawler-hybrid Robocraft officially hits beta today with a massive patch after racking up almost 10 million players during its alpha — and now it’s over 10 million indeed. How does it work? Let me quote myself: “The gist is that you build your own blocky robot thingamabob and then drive, fly, or paddle it out to beat up other people’s whatsits and see who’s got the best gewgaw. May the best doohickey win.”

To celebrate the beta launch and make it easy to jump in, Freejam has granted us a slew of sweet starter pack codes that include a Robocraft Holoflag and 6 Protonium Crates stuffed with new items you’re gonna need when starting out in the game.

Click the Mo button below (and prove you’re not a robot) to grab one of these keys!

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Robot brawling MMO Robocraft now counts 9.5M players

Freejam announced today that Robocraft, its early access robot-themed, builder-centric action MMO, has dinged up to 9.5 million players just as the game is launching a brand new update, BRAWL. The gist is that you build your own blocky robot thingamabob and then drive, fly, or paddle it out to beat up other people’s whatsits and see who’s got the best gewgaw. May the best doohickey win.

“This new game mode aims to bring regular, fun twists to the game via changes to mechanics, maps, weapons, Robot requirements and restrictions – all of which will require you to build custom Robots in order to be the best,” says the game’s Steam page. “We’re also rewarding BRAWL players with extra bonuses for their first BRAWL victory.”

The 2014 game is free-to-play and will remain so when it formally launches out of early access in early 2017, so you can go get it right now for nothin’. And! There’s an infographic. Check it.

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New Humble Bundle includes deals on WildStar, Neverwinter, Path of Exile, and more

A new Humble Bundle promotion might just be the best deal you’re going to see all year on MMOs. The “Humble Gamepedia Online Multiplayer Bundle” that’s being sold for the next two weeks contains goodies for several MMOs, MOBAs, and online games. Need a quick rundown to figure out whether or not to buy? Here’s an overview:

For $1 on up:

  • WildStar Jumpstart Pack: 16-slot bag, five gold, hover board, housing items, XP boost, and access to your housing plot at level 3
  • Heroes & Generals: Early access, 72 hours of veteran membership, ribbons, and gold
  • Awesomenauts: 3v3 MOBA
  • Dirty Bomb: Ultimate starter pack
  • Curse: 30-day premium subscription

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Not So Massively: Diablo III thieves sentenced; LoL begins automatic bans

League of Legends launched a new system to hand out immediate automatic bans for chat infractions this week, leading to many claims of unfair bans and false positives. The LoL player who stalked and harassed female gamers pled guilty to a string of serious offenses this week in court. Dota 2 finalised the teams for the qualifiers of its upcoming world championship tournament, and the community mourned the passing of beloved player ProfessorFiercE. Diablo III players Patrick Nepomuceno and Michael Stinger were convicted of computer misuse offences this week for their theft of virtual items back in 2012.

Petroglyph launched its new tank-based MOBA Victory Command on Steam Early Access. Swedish developer Ghost Games announced plans to reboot the Need for Speed franchise with a focus on storyline and an online open world. Path of Exile deployed the first test of its Deterministic Lockstep mode in a new expansion beta patch, and so far players are reporting desync-free gameplay. Heroes of the Storm has now entered open beta ahead of its June 2nd release date, and Blizzard defended its decision to remove Tychus’ signature cigar in order to maintain the game’s Teen rating.

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Not So Massively: LoL’s Reddit controversy, HotS’ Heroes of the Dorm

If ever we needed evidence that e-sports are fast becoming more like real-life sports, this week’s MOBA news provided it. Dota 2 announced that a new seasonal Major Championship league will fill in the gap between world championships and that there will be strict transfer windows for teams just like in real life sports. Top North American League of Legends player Hai Lam retired this week due to an injury, and controversy unfolded over potential cheating in this week’s IQCI Finals. Heroes of the Storm got an official launch date of June 2nd following an April 19th open beta, and its ESPN-sponsored Heroes of the Dorm tournament finals were completed.

Hundreds of Grand Theft Auto 5 players’ accounts have been reportedly compromised due to a security breach at an unknown website, but Rockstar insists that its Social Club servers have not been breached. Path of Exile started the beta for its upcoming expansion, The Awakening, and SMITE revealed its next character is Mayian death god Ah Puch. Elite: Dangerous spoiled us with details of its Powerplay territorial warfare update that lets players pick a side in an ongoing interstellar war. Star Citizen showed off its plans to let players manually load and unload cargo and then sailed past the $80 million mark by selling MISC hull hauler ships.

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Robocraft lets you build and fight your own bots

We’ve come so far from Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots as a society, haven’t we? Now we have games like Robocraft that allow us to make up our own brilliant technological inventions and then throw them at others in a cage match to the death.

Robocraft is currently accepting sign-ups for its alpha program. Players who get in will be able to construct land or air robots that can fight on other planets such as Mars. Currently, there are two game modes (capture the base and boss battle) with a third (megabots) on its way.

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