Robocraft lets you build and fight your own bots


We’ve come so far from Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots as a society, haven’t we? Now we have games like Robocraft that allow us to make up our own brilliant technological inventions and then throw them at others in a cage match to the death.

Robocraft is currently accepting sign-ups for its alpha program. Players who get in will be able to construct land or air robots that can fight on other planets such as Mars. Currently, there are two game modes (capture the base and boss battle) with a third (megabots) on its way.

Everyone gets three free garage bays to hold a single bot apiece, although the devs warned players not to abuse their creative freedom: “Please do not create robot forms that could be offensive to others such as religious or controversial symbols, offensive words, sexual objects, etc.”

[Source: Robocraft. Thanks to Rheem for the tip!]
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