Roly-poly multiplayer brawler Party Animals aims to make you laugh yourself to death


There is something about this game that makes our team act like goofy weirdos every time we see a trailer or get a press release: It’s Party Animals, and it’s the game where roly-poly animals trundle around wrecking each other with bizarre objects.

Last night, Recreate Games apologized for the “prolonged wait” since the 2020 demo and announced that Party Animals is launching on September 20th, coming to both PC and Xbox (Xbox One and X|S). It comes with a $20 pricetag, and it is not an MMO, mind you, but it’s multiplayer; the studio’s been calling it a co-op brawler, but the devs told us last night that it includes online co-op and multiple game modes that pit teams against each other, so maybe co-op isn’t exactly the right word here for what is basically team PvP.

“Hilarity will ensue in this physics-based multiplayer when players try to throw, wrestle, punch, and fling their friends… or fall over on their adorable little faces while trying to do so. […] The team at Recreate Games has been hard at work making Party Animals the best cuddle puddle mosh pit it can be, and they’re just as excited as the eager community to see it launch soon. With seamless crossplay between the PC and Xbox platforms, it’s easier than ever to smash, bash, and tussle with your friends and frenemies! […] The biggest challenge people will face when playing Party Animals is handling the floppy, unpredictable physics while laughing so hard they can’t breathe. Do you have what it takes to succeed while struggling to see the action through the happy tears streaming down your face? Win or lose; it’s difficult to feel frustrated when you’re having so much fun!”

Source: Official site, Steam, press release
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