Albion Online sets next guild season to run on both East and West from June 17 to September 11


If you’ve been curious about how the large-scale guild PvP in Albion Online will work since the opening of Albion East earlier this year, this summer’s guild season is one to watch. Sandbox Interactive has set the start date for June 17th.

“Save the date: on June 17 the next Guild Season begins on Albion East and Albion West!” the studio says. “Albion East’s season will start at 00:00 UTC, and then at 11:00 UTC Albion West’s will kick off. Both seasons run concurrently, ending on 11 September, and as before, each server’s season is open to any character on that server – so you can participate in both simultaneously should you wish.”

Do note that for this season, there are several changes to the way hideouts work.

“This season brings some changes to Hideouts, with Level 4 or higher Hideouts draining more energy, and the energy gain from Power Cores for non-HQ Hideouts reduced. Castle and Castle Outpost treasures now spawn 30 minutes earlier on Albion East. Meanwhile, the Crystal League and Crystal Arena will use the Cross Map this season, and Rank Points have been adjusted to make progression through the ranks flow more smoothly.”

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