albion online

Official Site: Albion Online
Studio: Sandbox Interactive
Launch Date: July 17, 2017
Genre: Fantasy PvP Sandbox
Business Model: N/A
Platform: PC

Albion Online’s Albion East server is officially live today for F2P players with no region locking

And then there were two. Two Albion Online servers, that is. Sandbox Interactive announced that its planned launch of a second Albion Online shard is...

Albion Online’s new video walks through the sandbox journey from zero to hero

As the preorder headstart for Albion Online's Albion East server continues this weekend before the free-to-play launch, Sandbox Interactive is very much aware that...

Headstart for Albion Online’s new Albion East server has officially begun

If you purchased one of Albion Online's new founder packs, you're embarking on a new journey today, as you'll be entering the headstart phase...

Albion Online’s latest patch tweaks Crystal League’s ruleset and buffs quarterstaffs

Albion Online's latest update to its Beyond the Veil arc is not going to knock anyone's socks off with its depth, but it does...

The Daily Grind: Do you like zerg vs. zerg PvP in MMOs?

Early on in 2023, Sandbox Interactive sent Albion Online players a detailed survey asking about their game preferences, and included within was a question...

Albion Online opens Albion East test server in Singapore, renames old server as Albion West

Welcome to "Albion East" -- a new server ruleset for the popular fantasy sandbox. This Singapore-based server is focused on providing support for Albion...

Albion Online’s Beyond the Veil Patch 4 is live with ZH/IN language support and combat balancing

Yesterday saw a major planned outage for Albion Online as studio Sandbox Interactive pulled the servers offline for patch 4 and preparations for the...

The MOP Up: SMITE delivers a ‘bonus’ update full of nerfs

SMITE delivered a "bonus update" to the MOBA's community this past week with several downward adjustments to various features. Speed buff got nerfed "by...

Albion Online grants free sub time ahead of Monday’s lengthy downtime

On Monday, Albion Online is gearing up for two big events: Patch 4 and preparations for the beta for the Asian server coming in...

Albion Online launches an Asian server on March 20 with multiple founder packs

Albion Online, recipient of our own Best PvP MMO award two years running, is expanding its horizons eastward with an Asian server launching on...

Albion Online seeks feedback on everything from toxicity to content

A lot of MMO studios talk a big talk about listening to player feedback, but whether or not they put out surveys to solicit...

The Daily Grind: What’s the most expensive MMO to play at the start of 2023?

Last year, I had a hard time with this annual Daily Grind, and that's because "expensive" depends entirely on what you have to buy...

Albion Online’s returning frost challenge would like to give you a chilly ram friend

I can't speak from personal experience, but I have to assume that rams and goats are not what one would call the most friendly...
I, too, enjoy my staff with no overt implications!

Albion Online looks back at an eventful 2022 before 2023 arrives

Ah, memories of 2022. Remember that time when Albion Online gave you a gigantic bunny mount if you put in the work required to...

Fight or Kite: The many ways today’s MMOs are failing PvPers

Last week, the MassivelyOP writing crew released its award for the best PvP MMO of the year - yet I couldn’t bring myself to...

Massively Uplifting: A season of gains and losses in the MMO world

Where has the year gone? Fall has wrapped up, winter is beginning, and the end of the year draws nigh. Today, many will be...

Choose My Adventure: All the MMOs you made us play in 2022

This has been a pretty challenging year for a lot of reasons, and my 2022 in Choose My Adventure certainly didn't feel any different...
Nothing to give.

The Daily Grind: Which MMO offered the best crafting in 2022?

"Best crafting" has always been a hard pick for me as it's one of my core content magnets in an MMO, which tends to...

Albion Online’s holiday event tasks players with murdering Uncle Frost

Uncle Frost may have the now-traditional red velvet suit and the big white beard, but we can assure you that he's not your friend...
No comfy chair?

The Daily Grind: What was the worst MMO trend of 2022?

Earlier this week, we dished out our "best MMO trend." Today, I want to talk about the worst trend, and really there are a...