albion online

Official Site: Albion Online
Studio: Sandbox Interactive
Launch Date: July 17, 2017
Genre: Fantasy PvP Sandbox
Business Model: N/A
Platform: PC


Albion Online removes tons of items from its marketplace in advance of its wardrobe system

The latest patch for Albion Online is a bit frustrating in the sense that most patches add things. Today's patch is mostly

Albion Online changes its land auctions to collect more from winning bids

There's a notable change arriving to Albion Online's land auctions, and while it might seem like a little thing it has far-reaching implications...
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Make My MMO: City of Titans devs release lore novel, Ship of Heroes talks character creation beta

This week in MMO crowdfunding, Kickstarted City of Heroes spiritual successor City of Titans released a novel penned by Jack Snyder from Missing...

Guild Season 7 kicks off in Albion Online with new challenges and mount skin seasonal rewards

Today marks the moment in Albion Online where guilds can duke it out for bragging rights, glory, and very likely a whole bunch...

Albion Online introduces challenges and consolidated timers with today’s GvG patch

The seventh season of GvG in Albion Online is getting some pretty big shifts with the introduction of Guild Challenges. Players can...
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Albion Online outlines its plans for changes to GvG gameplay in Season 7

The next season of Albion Online's GvG battles has two goals. The first is to make it easier for guilds to actually take...

Make My MMO: Kickstarter’s RAW deal, Star Citizen’s alpha 3.6 is live

This week in MMO crowdfunding was not a good week for MMO crowdfunding, thanks to RAW, whose Kickstarter campaign was actually canceled by...

Massively Overthinking: Revisiting sheep and wolves in MMOs

One of the meta discussions we've been having here on MOP this week has centered on PvP sandbox titles like Albion Online, specifically...

The Stream Team: Happy second birthday, Albion Online!

What's better than a first birthday? A second! Albion Online is celebrating its second year, and Massively OP's MJ is on hand to join...

Albion Online looks over the past year of development and improvements

The second anniversary of Albion Online has arrived, and... well, that in and of itself is significant, that's two years' worth of updates....

Massively OP Podcast Episode 229: Adventures in Albion Online

Justin, Samon, and Bree discuss Daybreak, the new LOTR MMO Amazon is co-developing, EVE Online's comms blackout, Caravan Stories, and City of Heroes, with a sponsored segment on Albion Online's Percival update.

Fight or Kite: Albion Online’s Percival update is for the solo players out there

This week we saw a nice patch released for the world of Albion Online with its Percival update. It’s largely a general quality-of-life...

Make My MMO: Albion Online’s Percival, Dual Universe’s alpha 2, and Elite’s next big thing

It was an oddly quiet week for crowdfunded MMOs, probably owing to the short holiday week prior, but the news we did get was...

Albion Online’s Percival update is live with new solo random dungeons and customization perks

It's patch day for Albion Online, as the big summer update, dubbed Percival, has been unleashed on the live servers. Sandbox Interactive...

Check out the new character meshes Albion Online is launching tomorrowday

As Albion Online is gearing up to drop its summer Percival update tomorrow, studio Sandbox Interactive has been pumping out previews of what...
We all live a yellow... er, spaceship.

Make My MMO: Ship of Heroes’ auction hall looks good, RAW’s Kickstarter progresses

This week in MMO crowdfunding, Ship of Heroes dropped a new video showing off both its night effects and the current functionality of...

Make My MMO: Pantheon’s Brad McQuaid is ‘feeling great’ about the game’s progress

This week in MMO crowdfunding, Pantheon's Brad McQuaid posted a lengthy dev blog all about its use of Unity and how the...

Albion Online’s Robin Henkys elaborates on how Percival’s solo randomized dungeons will work

Albion Online's game director Robin Henkys has put out yet another video featuring him sitting in a comfy chair and explaining something coming...

Albion Online’s Percival update drops July 10 with new solo random dungeons

With last week's update in the rear-view mirror, Albion Online is pushing onward to its next big thing, Percival. Sandbox Interactive announced today...

Make My MMO: Temtem’s alpha, Destiny’s Sword Kickstarter midpoint

Last year's big crowdfunded MMO of the year, Temtem, officially rolled into alpha 0.2 this week, boasting "character customization, trading, new battle...