albion online

Official Site: Albion Online
Studio: Sandbox Interactive
Launch Date: July 17, 2017
Genre: Fantasy PvP Sandbox
Business Model: N/A
Platform: PC

The Daily Grind: Are you a fan of shapeshifter classes in MMOs?

Albion Online's upcoming Wild Blood update includes a new weapon with a unique attribute: It allows players to shapeshift into specific critters. Also golems....

Albion Online’s awakened weapon system record the builders and owners of each elite weapon

New weapons aren't the flashiest part of Albion Online's inbound Wild Blood update - this is an update where you can polymorph into an...

Albion Online details Wild Blood’s new player island biomes – and multiple farms per toon

Of all the content going into Albion Online's Wild Blood patch next month, the islands and farming rework has been the bit that caught...

Albion Online opens up a final window to move your player island before Wild Blood arrives

With its beefy Wild Blood update on deck to arrive on October 16th, Albion Online's game is about to shake things up in many...

Albion Online’s Wild Blood update eyes an October 16 release

With Halloween and a full moon on the horizon, Albion Online is set to unleash its inner beast when its Wild Blood update arrives...

Albion Online is killing off its Crystal League Championship PvP tournaments in spite of 300K daily players

So Albion Online has some bad news this week: Sandbox Interactive is bringing its long-running Crystal League Championship PvP tournaments to an end, with...

Albion Online announces Wild Blood update for October – here’s the teaser trailer

This whole summer, Sandbox Interactive has been teasing Albion Online's next big update - the one with shapeshifting weapons, the new tracking system, and...

Albion Online adds new currency fees to discourage hoarding and balance the economy

Albion Online's touch-up patch today isn't a nothingburger: It actually introduces a new tax on currency meant to help balance the economy. "This patch introduces...

Albion Online’s new legendary items will be one-of-a-kind craftables with unique histories

Albion Online's next big update is already set to be loaded with new content, and Sandbox Interactive is previewing yet another chunk of it...

Albion Online is adding a tracking system to drive loot acquisition and player interaction

Sandbox Interactive's Robin Henkys is back in the comfy chair for another deep-dive into upcoming Albion Online content, this time homing in on the...

Albion Online implements BattlEye anticheat, grants compensation for DDOS outages

When Albion Online was being slammed by DDOS attacks owing to bot farms being angry about the game's new cheat defenses, Sandbox Interactive basically...

Albion Online looks back at six years of development, growth, and awards

Six years of operation is no mean feat for any MMORPG, so it's understandable that Albion Online is taking a moment to look back...

Albion Online, under DDOS attack yet again, promises compensation and renewed defense

Albion Online has been stuggling with DDOS attacks since last week, and though the studio had initially weathered the waves, it's ongoing again this...

Albion Online faces DDoS attacks presumably over a recent anti-botting update

It looks like Albion Online is being targeted by some angry digital racketeers if word from Sandbox Interactive is to be believed. Over the...

Albion Online is celebrating six years with a returning event and cash shop sales next week

This month will mark the sixth year of operation for PvP sandbox Albion Online, which means that there's some in-game celebrating to do. And...

Albion Online’s next weapon line allows shapeshifting into golems, werewolves, ents, and more

Big news for Albion Online fans today: The game is set to get a new weapon line, a staff-centric line called Shapeshifter Staffs. "For the...

Albion Online’s July challenge brings back spooky rewards as SBI tweaks combat balance

It's not even close to Halloween yet, but Albion Online is feeling spooky this month, as its July challenge theme is all about the...

Albion Online’s latest update tackles Knightfall rewards, hideout energy, and high-end chests

As promised, Albion Online's Beyond the Veil patch 10 has arrived today with revisions for guild seasons. Sandbox Interactive's patch notes addressed hideout energy...

Albion Online sets next guild season to run on both East and West from June 17 to September 11

If you've been curious about how the large-scale guild PvP in Albion Online will work since the opening of Albion East earlier this year,...

The Daily Grind: Should MMOs limit how many characters we can roll?

I know, this is a hard question for someone who loves alts - including me. But it's relevant because of Embers Adrift's inbound hybrid...