Albion Online’s latest Wild Blood patch casts a wide combat balance net


Albion Online is barreling forward with fresh updates to its Wild Blood update this week as patch 2 has arrived, though it’s not the most dramatic round of tweaks.

Notably, Sandbox Interactive has posted a range of combat balance fixes for most weapons; we spy a buff and a bleed nerf for axes, buffs for bows to “help [them] shine in large-scale fights,” performance fixes for cursed staffs, a small buff for daggers and frost staffs, and several buffs for armor and helmets too. The largest changes affect the shapeshifter staffs, which makes sense as they’re the new shiny added with Wild Blood itself.

“Distortion is the baseline damage spell for Shapeshifter Weapons, which alone offers very high damage. This has therefore been reduced to limit Shapeshiters’ damage potential in human form. Adapting Matter had been too weak as a support ability, so the strength of its shield and its max ally count have been increased to make it more effective in groups. The Runestone Golem could feel quite oppressive and hard to counter due to its long uptime. To mitigate this, its transformation duration has been reduced and its Shift Charge consumption speed increased.”

The studio has also adjusted Hellgate and Corrupted Dungeon scaling, farm animal UI displays, controller buttons, and mobile targeting.

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