Albion Online’s Wild Blood patch is live with shapeshifting weapons, tracking, and island updates


Albion Online’s massive fall patch is finally rolling out today: Wild Blood is officially live, with its promised tracking system, new potions, awakened items, and shapeshifter weapons and forms.

“This update introduces a host of fantastical creatures to Albion, and gives players the power to harness this primal magic for themselves,” Sandbox Interactive says. “A brand new weapon line, Shapeshifter Weapons, allows players to shift between human and non-human form, bringing a whole new element to combat in Albion, and a new layer to the game’s ‘you are what you wear’ system. In addition to assuming the form of fearsome beasts, players can hunt them as well, in a new open-world feature: Tracking. Players can search for the tracks of these creatures and follow them across regions, before coming face-to-face with them in a final showdown. Hunting these creatures can give new, magical rewards, but there may be unexpected encounters with other groups along the way.”

As previously noted, the patch also introduces a path for players to own multiple personal islands, which have in this patch “been completely reworked and upgraded to reflect the atmosphere, aesthetics, and biome of the host city” – as well as retooled for specialty farming bonuses.

Source: Press release, official site, patch notes
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